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Handbook of Ceramic Composites

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Narottam P. Bansal
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This valuable handbook has been compiled by internationally renowned researchers in the field. Each chapter is focused on a specific composite system or a class of composites, presenting a detailed description of processing, properties, and applications.
"Ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) are at the forefront of advanced materials technology because of their light weight, high strength and toughness, high temperature capabilities, and graceful failure under loading. During the last 25 years, tremendous progress has been made in the development and advancement of CMCs under various research programs funded by the U.S. Government agencies: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Department of Defense (DoD), and Department of Energy (DOE).
Preface Ceramic Fibers Oxide Fibers A. R. Bunsell Non-oxide (Silicon Carbide) Fibers J. A. DiCarlo and H.-M. Yun Non-oxide/Non-oxide Composites Chemical Vapor Infiltrated SiC/SiC Composites (CVI SiC/SiC) J. Lamon SiC/SiC Composites for 1200°C and Above J. A. DiCarlo, H.-M. Yun, G. N. Morscher, and R. T. Bhatt Silicon Melt Infiltrated Ceramic Composites (HiPerCompTM) G. S. Corman and K. L. Luthra Carbon Fibre Reinforced Silicon Carbide Composites (C/SiC, C/C-SiC) W. Krenkel Silicon Carbide Fiber-Reinforced Silicon Nitride Composites R. T. Bhatt MoSi2-Base Composites M. G. Hebsur Ultra High Temperature Ceramic Composites M. J. Gasch, D. T. Ellerby and S. M. Johnson Non-oxide/Oxide Composites SiC Fiber-Reinforced Celsian Composites N. P. Bansal In Situ Reinforced Silicon Nitride - Barium Aluminosilicate Composite K. W. White, F. Yu and Y. Fang Silicon Carbide and Oxide Fiber Reinforced Alumina Matrix Composites Fabricated Via Directed Metal Oxidation A. S. Fareed SiC Whisker Reinforced Alumina T. Tiegs Mullite-SiC Whisker and Mullite-ZrO2-SiC Whisker Composites R. Ruh NextelTM 312/Silicon Oxycarbide Ceramic Composites S. T. Gonczy and J. G. Sikonia Oxide/Oxide Composites Oxide-Oxide Composites K. A. Keller, G. Jefferson and R. J. Kerans WHIPOX All Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites M. Schmücker and H. Schneider Alumina-Reinforced Zirconia Composites S. R. Choi and N. P. Bansal Glass andGlass-Ceramic Composites Continuous Fibre Reinforced Glass and Glass-Ceramic Matrix Composites A.R. Boccaccini Dispersion-Reinforced Glass and Glass-Ceramic Matrix Composites J. A. Roether and A. R. Boccaccini Glass Containing Composite Materials: Alternative Reinforcement Concepts A.R. Boccaccini

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