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Multilingualism, Cultural Identity, and Education in Morocco

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Moha Ennaji
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In this book, I attempt to show how colonial and postcolonial political forces have endeavoured to reconstruct the national identity of Morocco, on the basis of cultural representations and ideological constructions closely related to nationalist and ethnolinguistic trends. I discuss how the issue of language is at the centre of the current cultural and political debates in Morocco. The present book is an investigation of the ramifications of multilingualism for language choice patterns and attitudes among Moroccans. More importantly, the book assesses the roles played by linguistic and cultural factors in the development and evolution of Moroccan society. It also focuses on the impact of multilingualism on cultural authenticity and national identity. Having been involved in research on language and culture for many years, I am particularly interested in linguistic and cultural assimilation or alienation, and under what conditions it takes place, especially today that more and more Moroccans speak French and are influenced by Western social behaviour more than ever before. In the process, I provide the reader with an updated description of the different facets of language use, language maintenance and shift, and language attitudes, focusing on the linguistic situation whose analysis is often blurred by emotional reactions, ideological discourses, political biases, simplistic assessments, and ethnolinguistic identities.
"This book shows how colonial and postcolonial forces have worked to reconstruct the national identity of Morocco, and North Africa in general, on the basis of cultural representations and ideological constructions closely related to nationalist and ethno linguistic trends. TOC:Note on Transliterations.- Preface.- General Introduction.- Historical Background.- Language, Culture, and Identity - Arabic - Berber - French.- Foreign Languages - Bilingualism.- Code Switching and its Social Significance.- Language Use and Language Attitudes.- Language Policy and Education.- Conclusion.- References.- Index."
Note on Transliterations Preface
General Introduction
1: Historical Background
2: Language, Culture, and Identity
3: Arabic
4: Berber
5: French
6: Foreign Languages
7: Bilingualism
8: Code Switching and its Social Significance
9: Language Use and Language Attitudes
10: Language Policy, Literacy, and Education

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