Knowledge and Skill Chains in Engineering and Manufacturing

Information Infrastructure in the Era of Global Communications
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Eiji Arai
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168, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology

Since the first DIISM conference, which took place 9 years ago, the world has seen drastic changes, including the transformation of manufacturing and engineering software, and the information and communication technologies deployed. The conditions for manufacturing and engineering have changed on a large scale, in terms of technology-enabled collaboration among the fields of design, engineering, production, usage, maintenance and recyclingldisposal. These changes can be observed in rapidly-growing fields such as supply chain management. As for production technologies at factory floors, new visions on human-machine co-existing systems involve both knowledge management and multi-media technologies. Therefore, because of these changes, the importance of information infrastructure for manufacturing has increased, stunningly. Information infrastructure plays a key role in integrating diverse fields of manufacturing, engineering and management. This, in addition to its basic role, as the information and communication platform for the production systems. Eventually, it should also serve the synthetic function of knowledge management, during the life cycles of both the production systems and their products, and for all stakeholders.
Includes supplementary material:
Enhancing Knowledge and Skill Chains in Manufacturing and Engineering.- Enhancing Knowledge and Skill Chains in Manufacturing and Engineering.- Generic Infrastructure Requirements and Components.- Engineering Information Infrastructure for Product Lifecycle Managment.- Architecting an Ubiquitous & Model Driven Information Infrastructure.- Service Modeling for Service Engineering.- The Extended Products Paradigm, An Introduction.- Process Plant Information Integration in Three Dimensions.- Using Contexts in Managing Product Knowledge.- Object-Oriented Design Pattern Approach to Seamless Modeling, Simulation and Implementation of Distributed Control Systems.- An Interoperability Framework and Capability Profiling for Manufacturing Software.- IT-Supported Modeling, Analysis and Design of Supply Chains.- Multi-Strata Modeling in MCM and CLM for Collaborative Engineering.- Ontological Stratification in an Ecology of Infohabitants.- Logics of Becoming in Scheduling.- Communication in the Digital City and Artifact Lives.- Validating MEDIQUAL Constructs.- External Collaboration.- Distributed Engineering Environment for Inter-Enterprise Collaboration.- Agent Based Manufacturing Capability Assessment in the Extended Enterprise Using Step AP224 and XML.- Inter-Enterprise Planning of Manufacturing Systems Applying Simulation with IPR Protection.- A Study on Support System for Distributed Simulation System of Manufacturing Systems Using HLA.- Method and Tool for Design Process Navigation and Automatic Generation of Simulation Models for Manufacturing Systems.- Knowledge Management in BID Preparation for Global Engineering and Manufacturing Projects.- Supply Chain Engineering and the Use of a Supporting Knowledge Management Application.- A Planning Framework for the Deployment of Innovative Information and Communication Technologies in Procurement.- Supreme: Supply Chain Integration by Reconfigurable Modules.- Tools and Methods for Risk Management in Multi-Site Engineering Projects.- Development of an After-Sales Support Inter-Enterprise Collaboration System Using Information Technologies.- Collaborative Service in Global Manufacturing - a New Paradigm.- Remote Maintenance Support in Virtual Service Enterprises.- Factory Floor Infrastructure.- Intelligent Process Planning and Control Framework for the Internet.- Implementation of a Data Gathering System with Scalable Intelligent Control Architecture.- Creation of Feature Sets for Developing Integrated Process Planning System.- Proposal of Modification Strategy of NC Program in the Virtual Manufacturing Environment.- Dynamic Co-Operative Scheduling Based on HLA.- A Study on Data Handling Mechanism of a Distributed Virtual Factory.- A Study on Real-Time Scheduling Methods in Holonic Manufacturing Systems.- Sensitivity Analysis of Critical Path and Its Visualization in Job Shop Scheduling.- Enterprise Integration of Management and Automation in a Refinery.- Man-System Collaboration.- CAI System with Multi-Media Text Through Web Browser for NC Lathe Programming.- Web Based Operation Instruction System Using Wearable Computer.- Model-Based Description of Human Body Motions for Ergonomics Evaluation.- Model-Based Motion Analysis of Factory Workers Using Multi-Perspective Video Cameras.- Human Factor and its Identification in Manufacturing Prediction.
Proceedings of the IFIP TC5 / WG5.3, WG5.7, WG5.12. Fifth International Working Conference of Information Infrastructure Systems for Manufacturing 2002 (DIIDM 2002), November 18-20, 2002 in Osaka, Japan

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