Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization: Supplement Volume B

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This is a supplementary volume to the major three-volume Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization set. It can also be regarded as a stand-alone volume presenting chapters dealing with various aspects of the subject in a self-contained way.
The material presented in this supplement to the 3-volume Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization will be useful for any researcher who uses combinatorial optimization methods to solve problems
Preface - Data Correcting Algorithms in Combinatorial Optimization - The Steiner Ratio of Banach-Minkowski Space - Probabilistic Verification and Non-Approximability - Steiner Trees in Industry - Network-Based Model and Algorithms in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery - The Generalized Assignment Problem and Extensions - Optimal Rectangular Partitions - Connected Dominating Sets in Sensor Networks and MANETs - Author Index - Subject Index

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