Optical Networks and Technologies

IFIP TC6 / WG6.10 First Optical Networks & Technologies Conference (OpNeTec), October 18-20, 2004, Pisa, Italy
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Ken-Ichi Kitayama
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164, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology

There has continuously been a massive growth of Internet traffic for these years despite the "bubble burst" in year 2000. As the telecom market is gradually picking up, it would be a consensus in telecom and data-com industries that the CAPEX (Capital Expenditures) to rebuild the network infrastructure to cope with this traffic growth would be imminent, while the OPEX (Operational Expenditures) has to be within a tight constraint. Therefore, the newly built 2r^-century network has to fully evolve from voice-oriented legacy networks, not only by increasing the transmission capacity of WDM links but also by introducing switching technologies in optical domain to provide full-connectivity to support a wide variety of services. This book stems from the technical contributions presented at the Optical Networks and Technology Conference (OpNeTec), inaugurated this year 2004 in Pisa, Italy, and collects innovations of optical network technologies toward the 2V^ century network. High-quality recent research results on optical networks and related technologies are presented, including IP over WDM integration, burst and packet switchings, control and managements, operation, metro- and access networks, and components and devices in the perspective of network application. An effort has been made throughout the conference, hopefully reflected at least partially in this book, to bring together researchers, scientists, and engineers working both academia and industries to discuss the relative impact of networks on technologies and vice versa, with a vision of the future.
Originally presented at Op.
Perspectives on Optical Networks and Technologies.- Developments in Optical Seamless Networks.- Cinema-Class Digital Content Distribution via Optical Networks.- Next Generation Networks - a Vision of Network Evolution.- An Overview of Key Technologies for the Next Generation Networks.- Optical Packet Switching/Optical Burst Switching.- Guaranteeing Seamless End-to-End QoS in OBS Networks.- A Framework for the Analysis of Delay Jitter in Optical Packet Switched Networks.- Demonstration of Preamble Less Optical Packet Clock and Data Recovery with Optical Packet Switching.- Cost Efficient Upgrading of OPS Nodes.- A Scheduling Algorithm for Reducing Unused Timeslots by Considering Head Gap and Tail Gap in Time Sliced Optical Burst Switched Networks.- WONDER: Overview of a Packet-Switched MAN Architecture.- Performance of Optical Burst Switched WDM Ring Network with TTFR System.- Routing.- Assessing the Benefits of Wavelength Selection vs. Wavelength Conversion in WDM Networks.- ILP Based Evaluation of Separate Wavelength Pool (Swap) Strategy.- Distributed Wavelength Reservation Method for Fast Lightpath Setup in WDM Networks.- On-Arrival Planning for Sub-Graph Routing Protection in WDM Networks.- Routing and Wavelength Assignment for Scheduled and Random Lightpath Demands: Bifurcated Routing versus Non-Bifurcated Routing.- Semi-Lightpath Approach for Bandwidth Guaranteed Protection in IP-Over-WDM Networks.- Comparison of p-Cycle Configuration Methods for Dynamic Networks.- GMPLS and Network Control.- An Experimental GMPLS-based Wavelength Reservation Protocol for Flooding Global Wavelength Information in Uni-Ring-Based MAN.- GMPLS with Interlayer Control for Session-Uninterrupted Disaster Recovery across Distributed Data Centers.- Monitoring Service "Health" in Intelligent, Transparent Optical Networks.- A Centralized Path Computation System for GMPLS Transport Networks: Design Issues and Performance Studies.- Intelligent OTN in the TLC Operator Infrastructures.- Novel Active Monitoring of Customer Premises Using Bluetooth in Optical Access Network.- Shared Memory Access Method for a ? Computing Environment.- Traffic Engineering.- A Multilayer-Routing-Strategy with Dynamic Link Resource Adaptation.- Evaluation of Bandwidth-Dependent Metrics for TE Links in a GMPLS Path Computation System.- A New Traffic Aggregation Scheme in All-Optical Wavelength Routed Networks.- Multi-Layer Recovery Enabled with End-to-End Signaling.- Performance Analysis of the Control and Forwarding Plane in an MPLS Router.- Inter-Domain Routing in Optical Networks.- Techniques for Optical Node.- Optical Network Unit Based on a Bidirectional Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier.- Optical Label Recognition Based on Additional Pre-Spread Coding.- Optical Feedback Buffering Strategies.- 40Gb/s WDM-Multicasting Wavelength Conversion from 160Gb/s OTDM Signal.- Multiple Wavelength Conversion for WDM Multicasting by Means of Non-Linear Effects in SOAs.- Transmission System.- Optimal Span Length Determination in Transmission Systems with Hybrid Amplification.- Separate Evaluation of Nonlinearity-Due Q Penalties in Long-Haul Very Dense WDM Optical Systems.- Suppression of Transient Gain Excursions in EDFA's.- Dynamic BER performance monitoring of WDM systems using a sum-of-Gaussian technique.- Simultaneous Optimization of Hybrid Fiber Amplifiers and Dispersion Maps.- Accurate Bit Error Rate Evaluation in Optically Preamplified Direct-Detection.- Techno-Economic Analysis of Dispersion-Tolerant Transmission Techniques for 10Gb/s DWDM Systems.- Modulation Formats.- 2.5 Gbps 2-PSK Ultra-Dense WDM Homodyne Coherent Detection Using a Sub-Carrier Based Optical Phase-Locked Loop.- Influence of Optical Filters on the Performance of FSK/IM Transmission Scheme.- Carrier Reshaping and MUX-DEMUX Filtering in 0.8 Bit/s/HZ WDM RZ-DPSK Transmission.- Effect of Optical Filtering on 20-Gbit/s RZ-DQPSK Transmission over 2000 km in a 64-Channel DWDM System.- Combined (Symbol and Classical) DWDM Data Transmission.- Integrated Direct-Modulation Based Quantum Cryptography System.- DPSK over Inverse-RZ Optical Pulses for 2-bit Per Symbol Transmission.- All-Optical Processing.- A 40 GHz Polarization Maintaining Picosecond Modelocked Fiber Laser Employing Photonic Crystal Fiber.- 40 GHz Adiabatic Soliton Generation from a Dual Frequency Beat Signal Using Dispersion Decreasing Fiber Based Raman Amplification.- All-Optical Nonlinear Signal Processing at a RZ Receiver.- Modification of Decoder for 2-D Wavelength/Time Optical CDMA System by Optical Hard-Limiters.- The Integration of the All-Optical Analog-to-Digital Converter by Use of Self-Frequency Shifting in Fiber and a Pulse-Shaping Technique.- BER Improvement Using a 2-R Regenerator Based on an Asymmetric Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror.- Calculate BER Improvement due to Nonlinear Regenerators.- Photonic Devices.- Bragg Gratings Photoimprinted in Integrated Optical Components: Improving of Apodization Profiles.- External Optical Modulator Using a Low-Cost Fabry-Perot Laser Diode for Optical Access Networks.- An Accurate Model of a Full Optical Encoder/Decoder in a WGR Configuration.- Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating as Electrically Tunable True Time Delay Line.- Analysis of Tuning Time in Multiple-Section Current-Injection Tunable Laser Diodes.- Changing Resonance Wavelengths of Long-Period Fiber Gratings by the Glass Structure Modification.- Polarization Mode Dispersion.- Adaptive Electronic Processing in Optical PMD-Impaired Systems.- PSO Algorithm Used for Searching the Optimum of Automatic PMD Compensation.- Dynamical Limitations of Single-Stage PMD Compensators.- New Approach to Optical Polarisation Mode Dispersion Mitigation: Experimental Analysis of the Dynamic Performances of a Cost-Driven Device.- Numerical Implementation of the Coarse-Step Method with a Varying Differential-Group Delay.- Poster Session.- All Optical 3R Regeneration and Wavelength Convertion.- Experimental Study of Reshaping Retiming Gates for 3R Regeneration.- Chirp-Free Transmission through a NOLM Based Optical Regenerator.- Propagation of Unequal OTDM Data Channels in 2R Regenerated System.- 2-R Regeneration Exploiting Self-Phase Modulation in a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier.- Two Pump OPA for OTDM Pulses Amplification.- Applications of Free Space Optics for Broadband Access.- Polarization Conversion Induced in a Non-Conventionally Biased Centrosymmetric Photorefractive Crystal.- Transient Control by Free Ase Light Re-Circulation in EDFA Based WDM Ring Networks.- Novel Optical Direct Detection Scheme for DPSK Signals Using Fibre Bragg Gratings.

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