The Role of Labour Mobility and Informal Networks for Knowledge Transfer

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Dirk Fornahl
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6, International Studies in Entrepreneurship

The purpose of this volume is to analyze the microfoundations of knowledge spillovers. The microeconomic analysis of spillovers leads to the insight that the spillover and flow of knowledge is not at all automatic. Instead, this volume suggests that a filter exists between knowledge and its economic application. The focus of this volume is on several key mechanisms that serve to reduce this filter and facilitate the flow of knowledge. In particular, the volume draws on an emerging literature identifying the role of knowledge spillovers to investigate significance of labor mobility and informal networks as mechanisms facilitating the flow of knowledge. No field in economics has dealt extensively with the microeconomics of knowledge spillovers. This volume brings together scholars from a broad spectrum of fields including labor economics, regional economics, the economics of innovation and technological change, and sociology to introduce new insights yielded from the microfoundations of knowledge spillovers.
Analyses the microfoundations of knowledge transfer
Introduction: Structuring Informal Mechanisms of Knowledge Transfer.- The Mobility of Economic Agents as Conduits of Knowledge Spillovers.- The Spatial Distribution of Entrepreneurial Support Networks: Evidence from Semiconductor Initial Public Offerings from 1996 through 2000.- The Impact of Regional Social Networks on the Entrepreneurial Development Process.- Social Networks, Informational Complexity and Industrial Geography.- Transnational Networks and the Evolution of the Indian Software Industry: The Role of Culture and Ethnicity.- Firm Placements of New PhDs: Implications for Knowledge Transfer.- Basic Research, Labour Mobility and Competitiveness.- Science-Industry Relationships in France: Entrepreneurship and Innovative Institutions.- Knowledge Creation and Flows in Science.

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