Contaminated Soils, Sediments and Water: Science in the Real World, Volume 9

Edward J. Calabrese
998 g
239x160x33 mm

Volume 9 of the series presents 38 technical papers covering a wide range of environmental issues, including Bioremediation, Chemical Oxidation, Heavy Metals, MTBE, Phytoremediation, Radiation, Regulatory and Legal issues, Remediation, Risk Based Cleanup and Site Assessment. Contributing authors are drawn from across the spectrum of interest: government agencies, academic institutions, the consulting community and industrial companies.
Cooperation between remediation research and professional industries applying state of the art technology
Effect of Bacteria Augmentation on Aromatic and Asphaltenic Fraction Removal in Solid Culture.- Biodegradation of Pahs in Soil by Two Deuteromycete Fungi.- Biodegradation of Diuron and Pyruthiobac-Sodium by White-Rot and Soil Fungi.- Design Challenges for Large Scale Sulfate Reducing Bioreactors.- In-Situ Bioremediation of a Chlorinated Solvent Residual Source in Unconsolidated Sediments and Bedrock Using Bioaugmentation.- Bioremediation of a Railroad Diesel Fuel Spill in Palmer, Massachusetts.- Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination - A Broader Perspective.- Comparison of Dinitrotoluene Degradation by a Mixed Culture in Aqueous Batch System.- Substrate Versatility Studies on the Aerobic Degradation of Btx Compounds.- Bioremediation of Perchlorate and Explosives in Groundwater.- Application of In-Situ Oxidation (Isco) at a Site with Multiple Diverse Hydrogeologic Settings.- A Cost-Effective Decision: Accelerated Cleanup Using Permanganate.- Heavy Metal Content of Soils in the Karstic Area of North Hungary.- Mitigation of Acid Mine Drainage and Other Contamination in the Prince William Forest National Park in Northern Virginia.- Sorption, Desorption and Leaching Transport of Heavy Metals in Soils Common to New England.- Sorption of Zinc in Bentonite, Illite and Kaolin Clay Using Column Leaching Tests.- Passive Diffusion Sampling for Metals.- Background Study of Arsenic Concentrations at a Rhode Island Site.- Hipox Advanced Oxidation of Tba and Mtbe in Groundwater.- Enhanced Natural Attenuation of Mtbe and Benzene at a Low Permeability Site Using Isoc Technology.- Phytoremediation of Zinc and Lead Contaminated Soils Using Mirabilis Jalapa.- Ligninolytic Enzymes and Phytotoxic Effects Following Growth of Strains of Pleurotus in Mswi Fly Ash Contaminated with Pccd/Fs.- Accumulation Of Heavy Metals By Japanese Weeds And Their Seasonal Movement.- Correlation Test Between Indoor Radon and Surficial Gamma Radiation in Northern Virginia.- Reduction of Radon in Municipal Wellsin Virginia and Maryland.- An Overview of State Programs to Investigate and Remediate Contaminated Dry Cleaner Sites.- Pcbs in the Delaware: A Thirty-One-Year Technical and Legal Odyssey.- Expert Opinions in Environmental Litigation Gatekeeping 10 Years After Daubert.- Evaluation of Two Organoclays, Clinoptilolite, and Hydroxy-Apatite as Sorbents for Heavy Metal Removal from Water.- Ex-Situ Treatment of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids Using Calcium Oxide (Quick Lime; Napl Containment Using In-Situ Solidification).- Anaerobic Biodegradation and Biotransformation Using Emulsified Edible Oils.- A Review of Fuzzy Set Theoretic Approaches and their Applications in Environmental Practice.- Risk-Based Management Strategies And Innovative Remedies For Surface Water Protection: A Case Study.- Application of Passive Vapor Diffusion Samplers at England Air Force Base, Louisiana.- Ultra-Fast Field Gas Chromatography for Site Characterization and Field Monitoring.- Geostatistical Modeling and Mapping of Sediment Contaminant Concentrations.- A Passive Diffusion Bag Sampler Demonstration at Multiple US Department of Defense Installations.- Index.

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