Mobile Information Systems

IFIP TC 8 Working Conference on Mobile Information Systems (MOBIS) 15-17 September 2004, Oslo, Norway
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Elaine Lawrence
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158, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology

Mobility is perhaps the most important market and technological trend within information and communication technology. With the advent of new mobile infrastructures providing higher bandwidth and constant connection to the network from virtually everywhere, the way people use information resources is predicted to be radically transformed. Over the last years, a new breed of information systems, referred to as mCommerce systems or mobile information systems, has appeared to address this emerging situation. In 2000, the IFIP 8.1 WG decided to look into establishing a task group to look closer at this area, and the idea was adopted and extended by IFIP TC8 the following year. After the arrangement of several workshop, this task group has been the driving force behind the arrangement of MOBIS (IFIP TC 8 Working Conference on Mobile Information systems) held in Oslo, Norway, 15-17 September 2004. The objective of the working conference was to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners interested in planning, analysis, design, construction, modification, implementation, utilization, evaluation, and management of mobile information systems to meet, and exchange research ideas and results. Specifically, we tried to use the working conference to . Clarify differences and similarities between the development of mobile vs. more traditional information systems . Investigate organizational impact of mobile information systems . Investigate mobile commerce applications combined with the advantages of mobile communications technologies X Mobile Information Systems . Evaluate existing and newly developed approaches for analysis, design, implementation, and evolution of mobile information systems.
Cutting-edge conference proceedings
Contracts for Defining QoS Levels.- Action, Interaction and the Role of Ambiguity in the Introduction of Mobile Information Systems in a UK Police Force.- Towards a Service-Oriented Architecture.- Conceptual Modeling of Styles for Mobile Systems.- A Multimodal Context Aware Mobile Maintenance Terminal for Noisy Environments.- Workflow Partitioning in Mobile Information Systems.- An Approach to Multimodal and Ergonomic Nomadic Services.- Towards Highly Adaptive Services for Mobile Computing.- Analysis of Mobile Commerce Performance Using the Task-Technology Fit.- User-Centred Design of Mobile Services for Tourists.- A Framework for Analyzing Mobile.- Finite Segmentation for XML Caching.- Factors Influencing the Design of Mobile Services.- Repairing Lost Connections of Mobile Transactions with Minimal XML Data Exchange.- Strategic Planning for Mobile Services Adoption and Diffusion.- Using Group Management to Tame Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Ad Hoc Service Grid.- Applicability of an Integrated Adoption Model.- Providing Premium SMS Services for Mobile Phones.- Autopoiesis and Mobile Technology Adoption.- Inviting New Players to the Multimedia M-Commerce Arena.- Mobile Process Support Systems.- One-Handed Mobile Text Entry.- Mobile Support for Community Healthcare.

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