Researching Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon of tremendous societal importance. It is also an elusive phenomenon, and researching entrepreneurship is therefore fun, fascinating and frustrating at times. In Researching Entrepreneurship, Per Davidsson, one of the most highly recognized entrepreneurship scholars shares in a personal and readable way his rich experience and ideas on how entrepreneurship can or should be researched. After a comprehensive treatment of entrepreneurship as societal phenomenon and scholarly domain, the core chapters of the book discuss design, sampling, operationalization and analysis issues on several levels of analysis: individual, venture, firm, industry, region and nation.
The book is targeted at doctoral students and other relative newcomers to the field of entrepreneurship research. However, taking a fresh, reflective perspective and looking beyond research conventions, it should provide potential for inspiration and food for thought also for experienced entrepreneurship researchers.
Entrepreneurship is a process that takes organizations and economic activities from non-existence into existence. This unique feature of the phenomenon creates intriguing and interesting method challenges
What is Entrepreneurship?.- Entrepreneurship as Research Domain.- This Thing Called "Theory".- General Design Issues.- Sampling Issues.- Operationalization Issues.- Special Topic: Preparing a "Secondary" Data Set.- Special Topic: Job Creation as the Dependent Variable.- Special Topic: The Power of Replication.- A Quick Look at Analysis Method.

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