Emerging Solutions for Future Manufacturing Systems: Ifip Tc 5 / Wg 5.5. Sixth Ifip International Conference on Information Technology for Balanced Au

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Luis M. Camarinha-Matos
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159, IFIP Advances in Information a

Industries and particularly the manufacturing sector have been facing difficult challenges in a context of socio-economic turbulence characterized by complexity as well as the speed of change in causal interconnections in the socio-economic environment. In order to respond to these challenges companies are forced to seek new technological and organizational solutions.
Cutting-edge research offers emerging solutions to support agility and distributed collaborative networks in future manufacturing and service support systems
Keynote.- Networked RFID in Industrial Control: Current and Future.- Multi-Agent and Holonic Systems in Manufacturing.- Implementation Issues with Holonic Control Device Communication Interfaces.- Making a Perfect 'Gin and Tonic': Mass-Customisation Using Holons.- Holonic Manufacturing Control: A Practical Implementation.- Contingencies-Based Reconfiguration of Holonic Control Devices.- The MaBE Middleware.- Agent-Based Simulation: Mast Case Study.- Agent-Based Architecture for Information Handling in Automation Systems.- An Intelligent Agent Validation Architecture for Distributed Manufacturing Organizations.- Multi-Agent Based Framework for Large Scale Visual Program Reuse.- Integrating Multi-Agent Systems: A Case Study.- Alarm Root Cause Detection System.- A Methodology for Shop Floor Reengineering Based on Multiagents.- Agent-Based Distributed Collaborative Monitoring and Maintenance in Manufacturing.- Mobile Access to Process Knowledge: An Agent-Based Approach.- Reliable Communications for Mobile Agents - The Telecare Solution.- An Empirical Research in Intelligent Manufacturing: A Frame Based Representation of Ai Usages in Manufacturing Aspects.- Preference Based Scheduling for an HMS Environment.- Optimization Algorithm for Dynamic Multi-Agent Job Routing.- Agent System Application in High-Volume Production Management.- Multi-Agent Based Robust Scheduling for Agile Manufacturing.- Fusion-Based Intelligent Support for Logistics Management.- Networked Enterprises.- Intelligent and Dynamic Plugging of Components - An Example for Networked Enterprises Applications.- Web Services/Agent-Based Model for Inter-Enterprise Collaboration.- Interoperability Among Its Systems with Its-Ibus Framework.- Analysis of Requirements for Collaborative Scientific Experimentation Environments.- A Knowledge Management Based Framework as a Way for SME Networks Integration.- Collaborative E-Engineering Environments to Support Integrated Product Development.- Applying a Benchmarking Methodology to Empower a Virtual Organisation.- A Contribution to Understand Collaboration Benefits.- Predictive Performance Measurement in Virtual Organisations.- Multi Layers Supply Chain Modeling Based on Multiagents Approach.- A Formal Theory of BM Virtual Enterprises Structures.- A Distributed Knowledge Base for Manufacturing Scheduling.- Efficiently Managing Virtual Organizations Through Distributed Innovation Management Processes.- SME-Service Networks for Cooperative Operation of Robot Installations.- Information Infrastructures and Sustainability.- Integrated Design and Assembly.- Knowledge-Based Requirements Engineering for Reconfigurable Precision Assembly Systems.- Definitions, Limitations and Approaches of Evolvable Assembly System Platforms.- Benefits of Modularity and Module Level Tests.- Automated System for Leather Inspection: The Machine Vision.- A Simulation Based Research of Alternative Organizational Structures in Sewing Unit of A Textile Factory.- Modelling and Simulation of Human-Centred Assembly Systems - A Real Case Study.- Vertical Integration on Industrial Examples.- Decision Support When Configuring Automatic Systems.- A Maintenance Policy Selection Tool for Industrial Machine Parts.- Machine Learning and Data Mining in Industry.- Using Data Mining for Virtual Enterprise Management.- Mining Rules from Monotone Classification Measuring Impact of Information Systems on Business Competitiveness.- An Application of Machine Learning for Internet Users.- Evaluating a Software Costing Method Based on Software Features and Case Based Reasoning.- Reduction Techniques for Instance Based Text Categorization.- Application of Soft Computing Techniques to Classification of Licensed Subjects.- One-Class Learning for Human-Robot Interaction.- Knowledge Acquisition from Historical Data for Case Oriented Supervisory Control.- Cepstral Analysis in Tool Monitoring.- Intelligent Diagnosis and Learning in Centrifugal Pumps.

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