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Principles of Spread-Spectrum Communication Systems

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Don Torrieri
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"Originally adopted in military networks as a means of ensuring secure communication when confronted with the threats of jamming and interception, spread-spectrum systems are now the core of commercial applications such as mobile cellular and satellite communication.
1 Channel Codes. 1.1 Block Codes Error probabilities for soft-decision decoding. 1.2 Convolutional Codes and Trellis Codes. 1.3 Interleaving. 1.4 Concatenated and Turbo Codes. 1.5 Problems. 1.6 References. 2 Direct-Sequence Systems. 2.1 Definitions and Concepts. 2.2 Spreading Sequences and Waveforms. 2.3 Systems with PSK modulation. 2.4 Quaternary Systems. 2.5 Pulsed Interference. 2.6 Despreading with Matched Filters. 2.7 Rejection of Narrowband Interference. 2.8 Problems. 2.9 References. 3 Frequency-Hopping Systems. 3.1 Concepts and Characteristics. 3.2 Modulations. 3.3 Codes for Partial-Band Interference. 3.4 Frequency Synthesizers. 3.5 Problems. 3.6 References. 4 Code Synchronization. 4.1 Acquisition of Spreading Sequences. 4.2 Serial-Search Acquisition. 4.3 Acquisition Correlator. 4.4 Code Tracking. 4.5 Frequency-Hopping Patterns. 4.6 Problems. 4.7 References. 5 Fading of Wireless Communications. 5.1 Path Loss, Shadowing, and Fading. 5.2 Time-Selective Fading. 5.3 Frequency-Selective Fading. 5.4 Diversity for Fading Channels. 5.5 Rake Receiver. 5.6 Error-Control Codes. 5.7 Problems. 5.8 References. 6 Code-Division Multiple Access. 6.1 Spreading Sequences for DS/CDMA. 6.2 Systems with Random Spreading Sequences. 6.3 Wideband Direct-Sequence Systems. 6.4 Cellular Networks and Power Control. 6.5 Multiuser Detectors. 6.6 Frequency-Hopping Multiple-Access Networks. 6.7 Problems. 6.8 References. 7 Detection of Spread Spectrum Signals. 7.1 Detection of Direct-Sequence Signals. 7.2 Detection of Frequency-Hopping Signals. 7.3 Problems. 7.4 References. A Inequalities. A.1 Jensen.s Inequality. A.2 Chebyshev.s Inequality. B Adaptive Filters. C Signal Representations. C.1 Bandpass Signals. C.2 Stationary Stochastic Processes. Power Spectral Densities of Communication Signals. C.3 Sampling Theorems. C.4 Direct-Conversion Receiver. D Probability Distributions.D.1 Chi-Square Distribution. D.2 Central Chi-Square Distribution. D.3 Rice Distribution. D.4 Rayleigh Distribution.D.5 Independent, Exponentially Distributed Random Variables

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