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Martens and Fishers (Martes) in Human-Altered Environments

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"Martens and Fishers (Martes) in Human-Altered Environments: An International Perspective examines the conditions where humans and martens are compatible and incompatible, and promotes land use practices that allow Martes to be representatively distributed and viable.
-Is Mustelid Life History Different? -World Distribution and Status of the Genus Martes in 2000 -Geographical and Seasonal Variation in Food Habits and Prey Size of European Pine Martens -Territoriality and Home-Range Fidelity of American Martens in Relation to Timber Harvesting and Trapping -Martes Foot-Loading and Snowfall Patterns in Eastern North America: Implications to Broad-Scale Distributions and Interactions of Mesocarnivores -Home Ranges, Cognitive Maps, Habitat Models and Fitness Landscapes for Martes -Relationships Between Stone Martens, Genets and Cork Oak Woodlands in Portugal -Relationships Between Forest Structure and Habitat Use by American Martens in Maine, USA -Effect of Ambient Temperature on the Selection of Rest Structures by Fishers -Zoogeography, Spacing Patterns, and Dispersal in Fishers: Insights Gained from Combining Field and Genetic Data -Harvest Status, Reproduction and Mortality in a Population of American Martens in Québec, Canada -Are Scat Surveys a Reliable Method for Assessing Distribution and Population Status of Pine Martens? -Postnatal Growth and Development in Fishers -Field Anesthesia of American Martens Using Isoflurane

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