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Informatics for the Clinical Laboratory: A Practical Guide

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Health Informatics
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"This book will highlight all aspects of laboratory informatics, with a focus on information management and the corresponding hardware and technical processes involved. In addition to a comprehensive introduction on laboratory informatics, the book emphasizes the importance of information and resource management as opposed to simply covering the role of computers that support the information system.
As a Professor of Pathology and the Director of Laboratory Information Services at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Dr. Cowan has witnessed the shift in focus in the laboratory from the information generation to information management, and increasing resource limitations demand a higher level of management precision than can be gained from manual methods. The American Board of Pathology now requires an increasing sophistication in information management from candidates for certification. Thus, this book is intended for pathologists and residents in pathology, clinical laboratory scientists, and laboratory and information managers.

Following the broad-based introduction on laboratory informatics, the book's topics include: computer basics; development and validation of the laboratory information system; computer networks; security and confidentiality on computer systems and networks; total cost of ownership; essential software; interfaces; process modeling; artificial intelligence and expert systems; bar coding in the laboratory; image analysis and computer-assisted quantitation; and telepathology."
"1. Laboratory Informatics and the Laboratory Information System; 2. Developing the Laboratory Information System; 3. Validation of the Laboratory Information System; 4. Security and Confidentiality on Laboratory Computer Systems; 5. Total Cost of Ownership; 6. Computer Basics; 7. Computer Networks; 8. Interfaces; 9. Bar Coding in the Laboratory; 10. Wireless Communication in the Laboratory; 11. Essential Software: Databases, Spread Sheets, Word Processing, and Presentation Software; 12. Clinical and Anatomic Pathology Database Design; 13. Process Modeling; 14. Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems; 15. Imaging, Image Analysis, and Computer-Assisted Quantitation: Applications for Electronic Imaging in Pathology; 16. Introduction to Telepathology; Glossary"

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