Emerging Optical Network Technologies: Architectures, Protocols and Performance

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Krishna M. Sivalingam
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Optical networks have moved from laboratory settings and theoretical research to real-world deployment and service-oriented explorations. New technologies such as Ethernet PON, traffic grooming, regional and metropolitan network architectures and optical packet switching are being explored, and the landscape is continuously and rapidly evolving. Some of the important issues involving these new technologies involve the architectural, protocol, and performance related issues. This book addresses many of these issues and presents a birds eye view of some of the more promising technologies. Researchers and those pursuing advanced degrees in this field will be able to see where progress is being made and new technologies are emerging.
Addresses new WDM optical network technologies on Ethernet PON, metropolitan area networks, and
Part I. Network Architectures. 1. Enabling Architectures for Next Generation Optical Networks, Linda Cline, Christian Maciocco and Manav Mishra. 2. Hybrid Hierarchical Optical Networks, Samrat Ganguly, Rauf Izmailov and Imrich Chlamtac. 3. Advances in Passive Optical Networks (PONs), Amitabha Banerjee, Glen Kramer, Yinghua Ye, Sudhir Dixit and Biswanath Mukherjee. 4. Regional-Metro Optical Networks, Nasir Ghani. Part II. Switching. 5. Optical Packet Switching, George N. Rouskas and Lisong Xu. 6. Waveband Switching: A New Frontier in Optical WDM Networks, Xiaojun Cao, Vishal Anand, Yizhi Xiong and Chunming Qiao. 7. Optical Burst Switching, Hakki Candan Cankaya and Myoungki Jeong. Part III. Signaling Protocols And Network Operation. 8. GMPLS-based Exchange Points: Architecture and Functionality, Slobodanka Tomic and Admela Jukan. 9. The GMPLS Control Plane Architecture for Optical Networks, David Griffith. 10. Operational Aspects of Mesh Networking in WDM Optical Networks, Jean-Francois Labourdette, Eric Bouillet and Chris Olszewski. Part IV. Traffic Grooming. 11. Traffic Grooming in WDM Networks, Jian-Qiang Hu and Eytan Modiano. 12. Efficient Traffic Grooming in WDM Mesh Networks, Harsha V. Madhyastha and C. Siva Ram Murthy. Part V. Protection And Restoration. 13. A Survey of Survivability Techniques for Optical WDM Networks, Mahesh Sivakumar, Rama K. Shenai and Krishna M. Sivalingam. 14. Tradeoffs and Comparison of Restoration Strategies in Optical WDM Networks, Arun K. Somani. 15. Facilitating Service Level Agreements with Restoration Speed Requirements, Gokhan Sahin and Suresh Subramaniam. 16. Failure Location in WDM Networks, Carmen Mas, Hung X. Nguyen and Patrick Thiran. Part VI. Testbeds. 17. A Multi-Layer Switched GMPLS Optical Network, Aihua Guo, Zhonghua Zhu and Yung J. (Ray) Chen. 18. HORNET: A Packet Switched WDM Metropolitan Network, Kapil Shrikhande, Ian White, Matt Rogge and Leonid G. Kazovsky.

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