In Sync with Adolescence: The Role of Morningness-Eveningness in Development

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Anna-Karin Andershed
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Longitudinal Research in the S

At the start of every school day, it's not an unfamiliar sight to see younger children bounding toward school, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to seize the day. In contrast, adolescents sometimes seem to sleepwalk toward their middle and high schools, often bleary-eyed, cantankerous, and less than enthusiastic to get down to work. Why the difference?
In Sync with Adolescence: The Role of Morningness-Eveningness in Development examines the possible effects of adolescent preferences on problem behavior in different contexts. This volume presents a new way of looking at morningness-eveningness in relation to adolescent development in general and on problem behavior in particular. The study has produced results, the implications of which necessitate a reinterpretation of the current thinking about morningness-eveningness and adolescent adjustment. This volume should be of particular interest to developmental psychologists and researchers who are interested in examining the role of biological factors in psychological processes as well as to sleep researchers who are interested in both the clinical and behavioral aspects. In addition, it is a valuable resource for clinical child and school psychologists, medical staff, teachers, and anyone who works with adolescents.
An Introduction to Morningness-Eveningness.- Samples and Measures of Morningness-Eveningness.- Morningness-Eveningness in Adolescence.- Morningness-Eveningness and Social Adjustment.- Morningness-Eveningness and Family Interaction.- Morningness-Eveningness and School Adjustment.- Morningness-Eveningness and Patterns of Adjustment.- A Critical View of the Role of Eveningness in Development.- Closing Discussion.

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