Coding for Data and Computer Communications

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David Salomon
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Details the most important techniques used to make the storage and transmission of data fast, secure, and reliable.Accessible to both specialists and nonspecialists: Avoids complex mathematics
Coding is a highly integral component of viable and efficient computer and data communications, yet the often heavy mathematics that form the basis of coding may prevent a serious and practical understanding of this important area. This book avoids the complex mathematics, favoring the core concepts, principles, and methods of channel codes (for error correction), source codes (for compressing data), and secure codes (for data privacy). It details the most important approaches and techniques used to make the storage and transmission of information (data) fast, secure, and reliable are examined. All major topics, principles, and methods are presented in an accessible style suitable for specialists and nonspecialists and supplemented with numerous examples, illustrations, and other helpful learning tools. It is an essential resource for all security researchers and professionals who need to understand and effectively use coding employed in computers and data communications.
Part I: Channel coding. Error-control codes. Check digits for error detection.- Part II: Source codes. Statistical methods. Dictionary methods. Image compression.- Part III: Secure codes. Basic concepts. Monoalphabetic substitution ciphers. Transposition ciphers. Polyalphabetic substitution ciphers. Stream ciphers. Block ciphers. Public-key cryptography. Data hiding. Data hiding in images. Other methods of data hiding.- Part IV: Essential resources.- Glossary.- Appendixes.- Bibliography.- Answers to exercises.- Index.

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