Substance Abusing Inmates: Experiences of Recovering Drug Addicts on Their Way Back Home

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In a manner similar to asking an immigrant to describe his/her first few months, and even their first year, in the country they migrate to, asking released inmates how they reform their lives is the key to unlocking their individual Pandora Box. Anyone who ever went through the migration process experienced many of the same difficulties encountered by those who are released from incarceration and try to rehabilitate their life.
Based on an original study that examined inmates who participated in a prison-based therapeutic community and who were followed for up to seven years after their release
Introduction: Reintegration and Migration Chapter One: Theoretical Framework

Social Background Life-style Exposure and Routine Activity Differential Association Theory Social Bonding and Social Control Social Support Networks Discussion and Summary Chapter Two: The Study and Methodology The Interview Method Participants Sampling The Interviewing Process Chapter Three: There is no Place Like Home - Family Role in the Rehabilitation and Reintegration process. Family Criminal Activity and Drug Relapse The Causes of Criminality and Addiction Family Support and Assistance Spousal Role in Rehabilitation: The Need for Mutual Treatment Lack of Trust Discussion and Summary Chapter Four: Sense of Direction - The Need for Supervision Control and Supervision Continuum of Treatment and Outside Supervision After Release Community Supervision - Incentive or Leash? Discussion and Summary Chapter Five: What Do I Need to Succeed? Perception of Motivation and its Role in the Rehabilitation Process. Motivation to Change and Self-Efficacy Not Only Talking but Lots of Walking Doing it on My Own Discussion and Summary Chapter Six: Working My Way Out - the Challenge of Finding a Job Financial Problems The Importance of Employment in the Rehabilitation Process What have I Got to Offer? Trust Issues Discussion and Summary Chapter Seven: Dealing with Social Institutions From the Belly of the Beast to the Belly of Bureaucracy Lost in the Process Absorption Agents and Social Support - Can Someone Show Me the Way? Discussion andSummary Chapter Eight: Mentoring Others Been There Done That... Preaching the Practice Giving and Receiving Commitment - Being a Role Model Discussion and Summary Chapter Nine: What Does Migration have to do with Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Reentry? Same Story Different Players The Struggle to Survive Discussion and Summary Chapter Ten: Conclusion - Reintegration and Continuum of Care Study Limitations
The product of an original study that followed inmates who participated in a prison-based therapeutic community, this book describes the challenges faced by rehabilitated addicts and their journey to freedom - from drugs as well as further criminal activity.

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