Radiation Toxicity: A Practical Medical Guide

A Practical Medical Guide
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William Small
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128, Cancer Treatment and Research

Radiation Toxicity: A Practical Guide provides insight into the management of day-to-day aspects of radiotherapy. Most radiation oncologists and radiation oncology nurses spend a large percentage of their time dealing with the effects of radiotherapy. This book describes the biology behind each sites acute and long-term responses to radiotherapy, including the best current knowledge regarding radiation tolerance, and fills a needed void in the literature that is available on radiation oncology.
List of ContributorsIntroduction; William Smal, Jr. and Gayle Woloschak

1. The Management of Radiation-Induced Brain Injury; Edward G. Shaw and Mike E. Robbins
2. Management of Radiation-Induced Head and Neck Injury; Angel I. Blanco and Clifford Chao
3. Radiation Pneumonitis and Esophagitis in Thoracic Irradiation; Jeffrey Bradley and Benjamin Movsas
4. Toxicity from Radiation in Breast Cancer; Julia White and Michael C. Joiner
5. Upper Gastrointestinal Tract; Johanna C. Bendell and Christopher Willett
6. Radiation Complications of the Pelvis; Kathryn McConnell Greven and Tatjana Paunesku
7. Radiation-Induced Skeletal Injury; Mark A. Engleman, Gayle Woloschak and William Small Jr.
8. Skin Changes; Gloria Wood, Linda Casey and Andy Trotti

Aimed at healthcare professionals working with radiation, this is a concise, practical guide on the long-term responses to radiotherapy. Each chapter covers a tumor site comprehensively as it offers the best current knowledge regarding radiation tolerance.

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