The Beginnings of Political Economy: Johann Heinrich Gottlob Von Justi

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Jürgen Backhaus
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7, European Heritage in Economics

Jü rgen G. Backhaus 1 Johann Heinrich Gottlob (von) Justi was born in 1702 in Brü cken in Prussia (county of Sangerhausen), studied law and cameral sciences in Wittenberg and Jena, yet had to leave the university, entered the Prussian military service, was captured during the Austrian war of succession by the Austrians but escaped to Leipzig (Saxony) where he studied mineral sciences. In 1750 he was called to a chair ''Cameral Sciences and Rhetorics'' at the new Theresian Academy of Knights in Vienna. There, he gave two important inaugural lectures which are the focal point of this book. In 1754, Justi was appointed a mineral counsellor in Gottingen ¿ (Hanover), and lectured at the Saxonian University on both state sciences and natural sciences. In 1762, Frederic II (the Great) of Prussia appointed him Prussian captain (highest supervisory position) of mines and general supervisor of fiscal-mineral activities. In 1768 he was accused of embezzlement, and before he could prove his innocence, he died in 1771 as a prisoner in the (decaying) fortress of Kü strin. Due to his death, the case was never decided. But Frederic had obviously made his own decision. When he appointed Justi, the appointee pointed out that he was suffering from weak eye sight and could not readily check the bookkeeping. Frederic replied: You may have weak eyes but you have a bright mind. I shall put two eyes by your side.
Biography of Johann Heinrich Gottlob von Justi
From Wolff to Justi.- A Bibliography of J.H.G. von Justi.- Johann Heinrich Gottlob von Justi - The Life and Times of an Economist Adventurer.- Justi and the Post-Montesquieu French Debate on Commercial Nobility in 1756.- The International Aspects of Justi's Work.- Justi and Japan.- Justi's Concept of Moral Economics and the Good Society.- Cameralism and Labour in von Justi's Economic Thinking.- J.H.G. Justi in Austria: His Writings in the Context of Economic and Industrial Policies of the Habsburg Empire in the 18th Century.- Justi's Concept of Taxation.- Johann Heinrich Gottlob von Justi (1717-1771): Health as Part of a State's Capital Endowment.

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