Handbook of Optimization in Medicine

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H. Edwin Romeijn
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26, Springer Optimization and Its Applications

Handbook of Optimization in Medicine is devoted to examining the dramatic increase in the application of effective optimization techniques to the delivery of health care. The articles, written by experts, focus on models and algorithms that have led to more efficient and sophisticated treatments of patients.
Topics covered include: optimization in medical imaging, classification and data mining with medical applications, treatment of epilepsy and other brain disorders, treatment of head-and-neck, prostate, and other cancers using conventional conformal and intensity-modulated radiation therapy as well as proton therapy, treatment selection for breast cancer based on new classification schemes, optimization for the genome project, optimal timing of organ transplants.
Brings together recent advances in different areas: optimization and mathematical modeling, computer science, and medicine
Preface.- List of Contributors.- 1 Optimizing Organ Allocation and Acceptance: Oguzhan Alagoz, Andrew J. Schaefer, Mark S. Roberts.- 2 Can We Do Better? Optimization Models for Breast Cancer Screening: Julie Simmons Ivy.- 3 Optimization Models and Computational Approaches for Three-dimensional Conformal Radiation Treatment Planning: Gino J. Lim.- 4 Continuous Optimization of Beamlet Intensities for Intensity Modulated Photon and Proton Radiotherapy: Rembert Reemtsen and Markus Alber.- 5 Multicriteria Optimization in Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Planning: Karl-Heinz Küfer, Michael Monz, Alexander Scherrer, Philipp Süss, Fernando Alonso, Ahmad Saher Azizi Sultan, Thomas Bortfeld, Christian Thieke.-6 Algorithms for Sequencing Multileaf Collimators: Srijit Kamath, Sartaj Sahni, Jatinder Palta, Sanjay Ranka, Jonathan Li.- 7 Image Registration and Segmentation Based on Energy Minimization: Michael Hintermüller, Stephen L. Keeling.- 8 Optimization Techniques for Data Representations with Biomedical Applications: Pando G. Georgiev, Fabian J. Theis.- 9 Algorithms for Genomics Analysis: Eva K. Lee, Kapil Gupta.- 10 Optimization and Data Mining in Epilepsy Research: A Review and Prospective: W. Art Chaovalitwongse.- 11 Mathematical Programming Approaches for the Analysis of Microarray Data: Ioannis P. Androulakis.- 12 Classification and Disease Prediction via Mathematical Programming: Eva K. Lee, Tsung-Lin Wu.- Index.
Devoted to examining the dramatic increase in the application of optimization techniques to delivering health care, the articles, written by leading exerts, focus on models and algorithms that have led to more efficient and sophisticated treatment of patients.

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