Teaching Mathematical Reasoning in Secondary School Classrooms

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Karin Brodie
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5, Mathematics Teacher Education

For too many students, mathematics consists of facts in a vacuum, to be memorized because the instructor says so, and to be forgotten when the course of study is completed. In this all-too-common scenario, young learners often miss the chance to develop skills-specifically, reasoning skills-that can serve them for a lifetime. The elegant pages of Teaching Mathematical Reasoning in Secondary School Classrooms propose a more positive solution by presenting a reasoning- and discussion-based approach to teaching mathematics, emphasizing the connections between ideas, or why math works. The teachers whose work forms the basis of the book create a powerful record of methods, interactions, and decisions (including dealing with challenges and impasses) involving this elusive topic. And because this approach shifts the locus of authority from the instructor to mathematics itself, students gain a system of knowledge that they can apply not only to discrete tasks relating to numbers, but also to the larger world of people and the humanities.
Focus on both research and practice
to Part 1.- Teaching Mathematical Reasoning: A Challenging Task.- Contexts, Resources, and Reform.- to Part 2.- Mathematical Reasoning Through Tasks: Learners' Responses.- Learning Mathematical Reasoning in a Collaborative Whole-Class Discussion.- Classroom Practices for Teaching and Learning Mathematical Reasoning.- Teaching Mathematical Reasoning with the Five Strands.- Teaching the Practices of Justification and Explanation.- to Part 3.- Learner Contributions.- Teacher Responses to Learner Contributions.- Dilemmas of Teaching Mathematical Reasoning.- Learner Resistance to Teacher Change.- Conclusions and Ways Forward: The "Messy" Middle Ground.
Mathematical reasoning is a key aspect of curriculum reforms internationally. This book illustrates five South African teachers' attempts to teach mathematical reasoning in their Grade 10 and 11 classrooms. There is focus on both research and practice.

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