Hot Topics in Neural Membrane Lipidology

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Akhlaq A. Farooqui
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Glycerophospholipid and sphingolipid-derived lipid mediators facilitate the transfer of messages not only from one cell to another but also from one subcellular organelle to another. These molecules are not only components of neural membranes but also storage depots for lipid mediators. Information on the generation and involvement of lipid mediators in neurological disorders is scattered throughout the literature in the form of original papers and reviews. This book will provide readers with a comprehensive description of glycerophospholipid, sphingolipid and cholesterol-derived lipid mediators and their involvement in neurological disorders.
Focuses exclusively on lipid mediators and neurological disorders
Neural Membranes: A Pandora's Box of Lipid Mediators.- Interplay Among Glycerophospholipid, Sphingolipid, and Cholesterol-Derived Lipid Mediators in Brain: A Matter of Life and Death.- Janus Face of Phospholipase A2: Role of Phospholipase A2 in Neural Cell Survival and Death.- Glycerophospholipid Metabolism in the Nucleus: Cross Talk Among Phospholipase A2, Phospholipase C and Phospholipase D.- Ether Glycerophospholipids: The Workhorse Lipids of Neural Membranes.- Excitotoxicity-Mediated Neurochemical Changes in Neurological Disorders.- Recent Developments on Kainate-Mediated Neurotoxicity and Their Association with Generation of Lipid Mediators.- Beneficial Effects of Docosahexaenoic Acid on Health of the Human Brain.- Effects of Statins and n-3 Fatty Acids on Heart and Brain Tissues: The Clash of the Titans.- Apoptosis and Necrosis in Brain: Contribution of Glycerophospholipid, Sphingolipid, and Cholesterol-Derived Lipid Mediators.- Perspective and Directions for Future Developments on Glycerophospholipid-, Sphingolipid-, and Cholesterol-Derived Lipid Mediators.

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