Open Source Development, Communities and Quality: Ifip 20th World Computer Congress, Working Group 2.3 on Open Source Software, September 7-10, 2008,

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Barbara Russo
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275, IFIP Advances in Information a

We are very pleased to introduce Open Source Development, Communities and Quality. The International Conference on Open Source Systems has come to its fourth edition - OSS 2008. Now, Free, Libre, and Open Source software is by all means now one of the most relevant subjects of study in several disciplines, ranging from information technology to social sciences and including also law, business, and political sciences. There are several conference tracks devoted to open source software with several publications appearing in high quality journals and magazines. OSS 2008 has been organized with the purpose of being the reference venue for those working in this area, being the most prominent conference in this area. For this th reason OSS 2008 has been located within the frameworks of the 20 World Computer Congress, WCC 2008, in Milan, the largest event of IFIP in 2008. We believe that this conference series, and the IFIP working group it represents, can play an important role in meeting these challenges, and hope that this book will become a valuable contribution to the open source body of research.
The papers in this volume were peer-reviewed and carefully selected
Full Papers.- A Framework for Evaluating Managerial Styles in Open Source Projects.- Forging A Community - Not: Experiences On Establishing An Open Source Project.- Mapping Linux Security Targets to Existing Test Suites.- Overview on Trust in Large FLOSS Communities.- PMLite: An Open Source Solution for Process Monitoring.- Requirements Acquisition in Open Source Development: Firefox 2.0.- Analysis of Coordination Between Developers and Users in the Apache Community.- Lost and Gained in Translation: Adoption of Open Source Software Development at Hewlett-Packard.- Mining for Practices in Community Collections: Finds From Simple Wikipedia.- Open to Grok. How do Hackers' Practices Produce Hackers?.- Social Dynamics of FLOSS Team Communication Across Channels.- Towards a Global Research Infrastructure for Multidisciplinary Study of Free/Open Source Software Development.- Update Propagation Practices in Highly Reusable Open Source Components.- Using Social Network Analysis Techniques to Study Collaboration between a FLOSS Community and a Company.- Empirical Analysis of the Bug Fixing Process in Open Source Projects.- The Total Growth of Open Source.- Adoption of Open Source in the Software Industry.- Migration Discourse Structures: Escaping Microsoft's Desktop Path.- The SQO-OSS Quality Model: Measurement Based Open Source Software Evaluation.- Short Papers.- An Open Integrated Environment for Transparent Fuzzy Agents Design.- Archetypal Internet-Scale Source Code Searching.- Channeling Firefox Developers: Mom and Dad Aren't Happy Yet.- Continuous Integration in Open Source Software Development.- Extracting Generally Applicable Patterns from Object-Oriented Programs for the Purpose of Test Case Creation.- Social Networking Technologies for Free-Open Source E-Learning Systems.- The Networked Forge: New Environments for Libre Software Development.- To What Extent Does It Pay to Approach Open Source Software for a Big Telco Player?.- A Framework to Abstract The Design Practices of e-Learning System Projects.- Assessing Innovation in the Software Sector: Proprietary vs. FOSS Production Mode. Preliminary Evidence from the Italian Case.- Detecting Agility of Open Source Projects Through Developer Engagement.- Facilitating Social Network Studies of FLOSS using the OSSNetwork Environment.- Reflection on Knowledge Sharing in F/OSS Projects.- Usability in Company Open Source Software Context - Initial Findings from an Empirical Case Study.- Willingness to Cooperate Within the Open Source Software Domain.- Open Source Project Categorization Based on Growth Rate Analysis and Portfolio Planning Methods.- Applying Open Source Development Practices Inside a Company.- Towards The Evaluation of OSS Trustworthiness: Lessons Learned From The Observation of Relevant OSS Projects.- Open Source Reference Systems for Biometric Verification of Identity.- eResearch Workflows for Studying Free and Open Source Software Development.- Panels.- Panel: Opportunities and Risks for Open Source Software in Industry.- Posters and Demonstrations.- Open Source Environments for Collaborative Experiments in e-Science.

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