Fifth Ifip International Conference on Theoretical Computer Science - Tcs 2008: Ifip 20th World Computer Congress, Tc 1, Foundations of Computer Scien

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Giorgio Ausiello
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273, IFIP Advances in Information a

International Federation for Information Processing The IFIP series publishes state-of-the-art results in the sciences and technologies of information and communication. The scope of the series includes: foundations of computer science; software theory and practice; education; computer applications in technology; communication systems; systems modeling and optimization; information systems; computers and society; computer systems technology; security and protection in information processing systems; artificial intelligence; and human-computer interaction. Proceedings and post-proceedings of refereed international conferences in computer science and interdisciplinary fields are featured. These results often precede journal publication and represent the most current research. The principal aim of the IFIP series is to encourage education and the dissemination and exchange of information about all aspects of computing. For more information about the 300 other books in the IFIP series, please visit For more information about IFIP, please visit
The papers in this volume were peer-reviewed and carefully selected
Track A.- Ambiguity and Complementation in Recognizable Two-dimensional Languages.- Algorithmic Game Theory: Some Greatest Hits and Future Directions.- Synchronizing Road Coloring.- Leader Election in Anonymous Rings: Franklin Goes Probabilistic.- Inverse Problems Have Inverse Complexity.- Literal Shuffle of Compressed Words.- Reconstructing words from a fixed palindromic length sequence.- The mv-decomposition: definition and application to the distance-2 broadcast problem in multi-hops radio networks.- Partitioning Random Graphs with General Degree Distributions.- On the Longest Common Factor Problem.- Stable Dynamics of Sand Automata.- On tractability of Cops and Robbers game.- Computability of Tilings.- A Classification of Degenerate Loop Agreement.- On the expressive power of univariate equations over sets of natural numbers.- Collisions and their Catenations: Ultimately Periodic Tilings of the Plane.- Cache-sensitive Memory Layout for Binary Trees.- Track B.- From Processes to ODEs by Chemistry.- Differential Linear Logic and Processes.- Solving Monotone Polynomial Equations.- Lifting Non-Finite Axiomatizability Results to Extensions of Process Algebras.- Finite Equational Bases for Fragments of CCS with Restriction and Relabelling.- ?-calculus Pushdown Module Checking with Imperfect State Information.- From Formal Proofs to Mathematical Proofs: A Safe, Incremental Way for Building in First-order Decision Procedures.- On Traits and Types in a Java-like Setting.- Canonical Sequent Proofs via Multi-Focusing.- Universal Coinductive Characterisations of Process Semantics.- Static and dynamic typing for the termination of mobile processes.- Regular n-ary Queries in Trees and Variable Independence.- Hamiltonicity of automatic graphs.- Marking the chops: an unambiguous temporal logic.- On Boundedness in Depth in the ?-Calculus.- A Unified View of Tree Automata and Term Schematisations.- Deconstructing behavioural theories of mobility.- Adequacy of Compositional Translations for Observational Semantics.- The Surprising Robustness of (Closed) Timed Automata against Clock-Drift.

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