Human-Computer Interaction Symposium: Ifip 20th World Computer Congress, Proceedings of the 1st Tc 13 Human-Computer Interaction Symposium (Hcis 2008)

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Fabio Paternò
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272, IFIP Advances in Information a

The IFIP World Computer Congress (WCC) is one of the most important conferences in the area of computer science and a number of related Human and Social Science disciplines at the worldwide level and it has a federated structure, which takes into account the rapidly growing and expanding interests in this area. Human-Computer Interaction is now a mature and still dynamically evolving part of this area, which is represented in IFIP by the Technical Committee 13 on HCI. We are convinced that in this edition of WCC, which takes place for the first time in Italy, it will be interesting and useful to have a Symposium on Human- Computer Interaction in order to present and discuss a number of contributions in this field. There has been increasing awareness among designers of interactive systems of the importance of designing for usability, but we are still far from having products that are really usable, and usability can mean different things depending on the application domain. We are all aware that too many users of current technology feel often frustrated because computer systems are not compatible with their abilities and needs with existing work practices. As designers of tomorrow technology, we have the responsibility of creating computer artefacts that would permit better user experience with the various computing devices, so that users may enjoy more satisfying experiences with information and communications technologies.
The papers in this volume were peer-reviewed and carefully selected
Interacting with Visual Interfaces on Mobile Devices.- Identification Criteria in Task Modeling.- HCI-Task Models and Smart Environments.- Themes in Human Work Interaction Design.- Evaluating User Experience in Technology Pilots.- Interface Model Elicitation from Textual Scenarios.- Virtual Fixtures for Secondary Tasks.- How 'learnable' are CASE tools in diverse user communities?.- A Prospect of Websites Evaluation Tools Based on Event Logs.- Habbo Hotel - Academic Studies in Mixed Feelings.- Improving Accessibility to Governmental Forms1.- Communicability in multicultural contexts: A study with the International Children's Digital Library.- Facing the digital divide in a participatory way - an exploratory study.- User Interface Input by Device Movement.- An End User Development Model to Augment Usability of Rule Association Mining Systems.- Investigating Entertainment and Learning in a Multi-User 3D Virtual Environment.- Openphone User Engagement and Requirements Solicitation in Low Literacy Users.- Complex and Dynamic Data Representation by Sonification.- Collaborative Knowledge Building for Decision Support System Development.- Multitouch Sensing for Collaborative Interactive Walls.- Visualization of Personalized Faceted Browsing.

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