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Educational Media and Technology Yearbook

Volume 34, 2009
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Michael Orey
34, Educational Media and Technology Yearbook Springer
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The Educational Media and Technology Yearbook has become a standard reference in many libraries and professional collections. Examined in relation to its comp- ion volumes of the past, it provides a valuable historical record of current ideas and developments in the ?eld. Part I, "Trends and Issues," presents an array of chapters that develop some of the current themes listed above, in addition to others. Part II, "Library and Information Science," concentrates upon chapters of special relevance to K-12 education, library science education, school learning resources, and various types of library and media centers-school, public, and academic among others. In Part III, "Leadership Pro?les," authors provide biographical sketches of the careers of instructional technology leaders. Part IV, "Organizations and Associations in North America," and Part V, "Graduate Programs in North America," are, resp- tively, directories of instructional technology-related organizations and institutions of higher learning offering degrees in related ?elds. Finally, Part VI, the "Medi- raphy," presents an annotated listing of selected current publications related to the ?eld. For a number of years we have worked together as editors and the sixth with Dr. Michael Orey as the senior editor. Last year as the senior editor, Orey decided to try and come up with a list of the top programs rather than just the list of all the programs. This has proven to be problematic. First of all, bias exists when we are rating a ?eld in which our program is within those to be rated.
"The Educational Media and Technology Yearbook is dedicated to theoretical, empirical and practical approaches to educational media development. All chapters are invited and selected based on a variety of strategies to determine current trends and issues in the field. The 2009 edition will highlight innovative Trends and Issues in Learning Design and Technology, Trends and Issues in Information and Library Science, and features a section that lists and describes Media Related Organizations and Associations in North America.
The Educational Media and Technology Yearbook, a scholarly resource for a highly specialized professional community, is an official publication of the AECT and has been published annually for 33 years."
Trends and Issues in Learning, Design, and Technology.- Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology: Web 2.0, Second Life, and STEM Share the Spotlight.- Research and Theory in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University.- Linking Theory and Practice Through Design: An Instructional Technology Program.- Model-Based Methods for Assessment, Learning, and Instruction: Innovative Educational Technology at Florida State University.- Beyond the Theory-Practice Split in Instructional Design: The Current Situation and Future Directions.- Effects of a Professional Development on Teacher Integration of Online Resources.- How Well Do High-Quality Online Courses Employ Merrill's First Principles of Instruction?.- Supporting Reflection in Online Learning Environments.- The Interplay of Teaching Conceptions and a Course Management System Among Award-Winning University Professors.- Trends and Issues in Library and Information Science.- Wikipedia: Adventures in the New Info-Paradigm.- High-Tech Tools for the Library Media Center: The Future from a Low-tech Point of View.- Taking Care of Business: Authentic Use of Web 2.0 in Schools.- Connecting Media Specialists, Students, and Standards Through Web 2.0.- The Turnaround School Library Program.- Girls and Egaming Engagement: Optimizing Gender Equity in School Libraries.- The School Library Benefits Everyone: Technology, Approaches, and Resources for Serving Students with Special Needs.- Prove It! Using Data to Advocate for School Library Media Programs.- Principal Support of Media Specialist and Teacher Collaboration: A Research Study.- Leadership Profiles.- Addie Kinsinger: Leader Among Leaders.- Organizations and Associations in North America.- United States and Canada.- Graduate Programs in North America.- Graduate Programs.- Mediagraphy: Print and Non-Print Resources.- Mediagraphy.

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