Tasks in Primary Mathematics Teacher Education: Purpose, Use and Exemplars

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Barbara Clarke
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4, Mathematics Teacher Education

Tasks in Primary Mathematics Teacher Education is intended to advance relevant research and innovative international practices in the preparation and professional development of mathematics teachers. Emerging from discussion at the ICMI study on teacher professional development, this volume, focused on primary and elementary teachers, culls a richness that can only be found by gathering wisdom from varied experiences around the world.
International contributors from varied backgrounds
Tasks as a Tool for Exploring the Cyclical Nature of Learning and Developing Reflection in the Teaching of Mathematics.- Function, Form and Focus: The Role of Tasks in Elementary Mathematics Teacher Education.- Using Lesson Study to Develop an Appreciation of and Competence in Task Design.- Reflecting on the Process of Task Adaptation and Extension: The Case of Computational Starters.- Tasks for Primary Student Teachers: A Task of Mathematics Teacher Educators.- The Mathematics Teaching Portfolio: A Reflective Tool for Developing Professional Growth and Improving Classroom Practices.- Tasks as a Tool for Developing Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching.- Pushing Probability and Statistics Tasks in a New Direction.- Logic in Wonderland: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as the Context of a Course in Logic for Future Elementary Teachers.- Tasks using Video Clips of Children in a Content Mathematics Course for Future Elementary School Teachers.- Teacher Tasks for Mathematical Insight and Reorganization of What it Means to Learn Mathematics.- Teaching and Understanding Mathematical Modelling through Fermi-Problems.- A Research-Based Workshop Design for Volume Tasks.- Task-Based Lessons: The Central Focus of a Mathematics Content Course for Future Elementary Teachers.- Tasks as a Tool for Developing Knowledge through and for Practice.- The Use of Relational Games in Initial Teacher Education: Bringing the Classroom into the Lecture Theatre.- Using Mathematically Rich Tasks to Deepen the Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Primary Teachers.- From Professional Tasks in Collaborative Environments to Educational Tasks in Mathematics Teacher Education.- The Analysis of Classroom-Based Processes as a Key Task in Teacher Training for the Approach to Early Algebra.- Outdoor Mathematical Experiences: Constructivism, Connections, and Health.- From Teacher Education to Teacher Practice: A Gap Affecting the Implementation of Tasks.- Concluding Remarks.

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