The Coronin Family of Proteins

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Christoph S. Clemen
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48, Subcellular Biochemistry

The Coronin Family of Proteins Christoph S. Clemen,* Vasily Rybakin and Ludwig Eichinger he coronins, first described in Dictyostelium discoideum in 1991, have meanwhile been detected in all eukaryotes except plants. They belong to the superfamily of WD40-repeat Tproteins and represent a large family of proteins, which are often involved in cytoskeletal functions. Phylogenetic studies clearly distinguish 12 subfamilies of which six exclusively occur in vertebrates. In the present book we have made a sincere attempt to provide a comprehensive overview on all aspects of coronin proteins including history, structure, subcellular localization and function in different organisms. In addition, we also included a general overview on the WD40 family of proteins and the structurally related Kelch family. The book should be of interest for scientists outside the field, but is more importantly intended as a fast and competent guide for newcomers as well as doctoral and postdoctoral scientists to coronin research in all its facets. The book is divided into four major sections. It provides in the first part an introduction into two superfamilies of proteins with p-propellers, the WD40- and the Kelch-family. Lynn Cooley and Andrew M. Hudson provide evidence that the WD40- and Kelch-repeat families most likely did Figure 1. Condensed phylogenetic tree of the coronin protein family. The tree constitutes the basis of a new nomenclature and shows the evolutionary relationship of the twelve coronin subfamilies {CRN1-CRN12). See also chapter 11-2 by Reginald O. Morgan and M. Pilar Fernandez.
table of contents Introduction Christoph S. Clemen, Vasily Rybakin and Ludwig Eichinger Section I: THE WD- AND KELCH-REPEAT SUPERFAMILIES 1. Phylogenetic, Structural and Functional Relationships between WD and Kelch-Repeat Proteins Andrew M. Hudson and Lynn Cooley 2. Diversity of WD-Repeat Proteins Temple F. Smith SECTION II: HISTORY, PHYLOGENY, AND STRUCTURE 3. A Brief History of the Coronin Family Eugenio L. de Hostos 4. Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of the Coronin Gene Family Reginald O. Morgan and M. Pilar Fernandez 5. Coronin Structure and Implications Bernadette McArdle and Andreas Hofmann Section III: COMMON AND DIVERSE FUNCTIONS 6. Coronin: The Double-Edged Sword of Actin Dynamics Meghal Gandhi and Bruce L. Goode 7. Invertebrate Coronins Maria C. Shina and Angelika A. Noegel 8. Evolutionary and Functional Diversity of Coronin Proteins Charles-Peter Xavier, Ludwig Eichinger, M. Pilar Fernandez, Reginald O. Morgan and Christoph S. Clemen 9. Role of Mammalian Coronin 7 in the Biosynthetic Pathway Vasily Rybakin Section IV: CLINICAL RELEVANCE 10. Coronin 1 in Innate Immunity Jean Pieters 11. The Role of Mammalian Coronins in Development and Disease David W. Roadcap, Christoph S. Clemen and James E. Bear

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