Trust Management II: Proceedings of Ifiptm 2008: Joint Itrust and Pst Conferences on Privacy, Trust Management and Security, June 18-20, 20

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263, IFIP Advances in Information a

This volume contains the proceedings of the IFIPTM 2008, the Joint iTrust and PST Conferences on Privacy, Trust Management and Security, held in Trondheim, Norway from June 18 to June 20, 2008. IFIPTM 2008 provides a truly global platform for the reporting of research, development, policy and practice in the interdependent areas of Privacy, Security, and Trust. Following the traditions inherited from the highly successful iTrust and PST conference series, IFIPTM 2008 focuses on trust, privacy and security from multidisciplinary perspectives. The conference is an arena for discussion about re levant problems from both research and practice in the areas of academia, busi ness, and government. IFIPTM 2008 is an open IFIP conference, which only accepts contributed pa pers, so all papers in these proceedings have passed strict peer review. The pro gram of the conference features both theoretical research papers and reports of real world case studies. IFIPTM 2008 received 62 submissions. The program commit tee selected 22 papers for presentation and inclusion in the proceedings. In addi tion, the program and the proceedings include 3 demo descriptions. The highlights of IFIPTM 2008 include invited talks and tutorials by industri al and academic experts in the fields of trust management, privacy and security, including Jon Bing and Michael Steiner.
The papers in this volume were peer-reviewed and carefully selected
Full Papers.- Trust Management in P2P Systems Using Standard TuLiP.- A Trust Evaluation Method Based on Logic and Probability Theory.- A UML-based Method for the Development of Policies to Support Trust Management.- Analyzing the Robustness of CertainTrust.- An Intensional Functional Model of Trust.- A Translation Mechanism for Recommendations.- Modeling Trust for Recommender Systems using Similarity Metrics.- Trust-Based Collaborative Filtering.- SOFIA: Social Filtering for Robust Recommendations.- Continuous Ratings in Discrete Bayesian Reputation Systems.- A Robust and Knot-Aware Trust-Based Reputation Model.- The North Laine Shopping Guide: A Case Study in Modelling Trust in Applications.- Cooperation in Growing Communities.- A Model for Reasoning About the Privacy Impact of Composite Service Execution in Pervasive Computing.- Protecting Location Privacy through Semantics-aware Obfuscation Techniques.- Privacy2.0: Towards Collaborative Data-Privacy Protection.- Automatic Verification of Privacy Properties in the Applied pi Calculus.- Place and Time Authentication of Cultural Assets.- A Lightweight Binary Authentication System for Windows.- Towards Standards-Compliant Trust Negotiation for Web Services.- Assigning Responsibility for Failed Obligations.- Role- and Relationship-Based Identity Management for Private yet Accountable E-Learning.- Demonstration Overviews.- Using Rummble as a Personalised Travel Guide.- An Inline Monitoring System for .NET Mobile Devices.- STORE Stochastic Reputation Service for Virtual Organisations.

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