Essentials of Terror Medicine

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Shmuel C. Shapira
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A new field of medicine has emerged as a result of the global proliferation of terrorism. Terror medicine is related to emergency and disaster medicine but focuses on the constellation of medical issues uniquely related to terrorist attacks. The field encompasses four broad areas: preparedness, incident management, mechanisms of injuries and responses, and psychological consequences. In Essentials of Terror Medicine, these core concerns are addressed by a distinguished international authorship brought together by the three editors of this volume, who themselves are recognized experts in relevant disciplines: Shmuel Shapira, epidemiology and hospital administration; Jeffrey Hammond, trauma surgery and emergency response; Leonard Cole, bioterrorism and public policy. Essentials of Terror Medicine provides insightful and practical information for physicians, nurses, emergency responders, and other health professionals who may be called to service during or after a terror incident. It is indispensable reading for the medical community of the 21st century, in which diligence, continued education, and careful preparation for a variety of possible events are a preeminent responsibility.
Comprehensive coverage, from first response to forensics
to Terror Medicine.- Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century.- Preparation and Response.- EMS and Pre-Hospital Issues.- Effects of Terrorism on the Healthcare Community.- Terror Medicine: Education and Training.- Modeling and Simulation in Terror Medicine.- National Coordination and Integration.- Response Planning.- Technology Opportunities and Challenges.- Weapon Etiologies.- Epidemiology of Terrorism Injuries.- Explosions and Blast Injury.- Biological Agents and Terror Medicine.- Chemical Agents and Terror Medicine.- Radiological Agents and Terror Medicine.- Cyber-Terrorism: Preparation and Response.- Types of Injury.- Penetrating Injury in Terror Attacks.- Orthopedic Injury in Urban Terrorism.- Terror-Inflicted Burn Injury.- Neurosurgical Injury Related to Terror.- Crush Injury, Crush Syndrome.- Maxillofacial Injury Related to Terror.- Pediatrics and Terrorism.- Aftermath and Ethical Considerations.- Forensic Investigation of Suicide Bombings.- Psychological Effects of Terror Attacks.- Ethics and Terror Medicine.
This edited collection brings together international experts to present the basics of terror medicine - dealing with the medical aftermath of terrorist attack. The book discusses the definition of terror medicine and makes a case for it as a vital discipline.

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