Raman Amplifiers for Telecommunications 1: Physical Principles

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Mohammad N. Islam
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90, Springer Series in Optical Sci

The fast growing telecommunications sector is more and more based on ultrafast optical fiber technology. The book is devoted to special,
leading-edge amplification.
List of Contributors Forward by Dr. Robert W. Lucky Preface and Book Summary 1. Overview of Raman Amplification in Telecommunications
Mohammed N. Islam Section A. Physics
2. Fundamentals of Raman Amplification in Fibers
R. H. Stolen
3. Time-division Multiplexing of Pump Wavelengths
A. R. Grant, L.F. Mollenauer
4. Linear Noise Characteristics
C.R.S. Fludger
5. Pump Laser Diodes and WDM Pumping
Shu Namiki, Naoki Tsukiji, and Yoshihiro Emori
6. Dispersion Compensating Fibers for Raman Applications
L. Gruner-Nielsen and Y. Qian
7. New Raman Fibers
Evgeny M. Dianov
8. Noise due to Fast Gain Dynamics
C.R.S. Fludger
9. Forward, Bidirectional and Higher-Order Raman Amplification
Stojan Radic Section B. Sub-Systems & Modules
10. S-Band Raman Amplifiers
Mohammed N. Islam
11. Raman Fiber Lasers
C. Headley, M. Mermelstein and J. C. Bouteiller,
12. Distributed Raman Transmission: Applications and Fiber Issues
Alan Evans, Andrey Kobyakov and Michael Vasilyev
13. Hybrid EDFA/Raman Amplifiers
Hiroji Masuda
14. Wideband Raman Amplifiers
Mohammed N. Islam, Carl DeWilde and Amos Kuditcher Section C. Systems Design & Experiments
15. Multiple Path Interference and its Impact on System Design
J. Bromage, P.J. Winzer and R.-J. Essiambre
16. Raman Impairments in WDM Systems
P.M. Krummrich
17. Ultra-Long-Haul Submarine and Terrestrial Applications
Howard Kidorf, Morton Nissov and Dmitri Foursa
18. Ultra-long-haul, dense WDM using Dispersion-Managed Solitons in an all-Raman System
Linn F. Mollenauer
19. 40Gb/s Raman-Amplified Transmission
L. Nelson and B. Zhu
Three sections include extensive background on Raman physics, descriptions of sub-systems and modules utilizing Raman technology, and a review of current state-of-the-art systems. Technologies presented include applications for long-haul and ultra-long-haul submarine, terrestrial, soliton, and high-speed systems. This book will be a resource for scientists and optical engineers in optoelectronics, fiber optics, telecommunication, and optical networks.

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