Most Honourable Remembrance: The Life and Work of Thomas Bayes
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Most Honourable Remembrance: The Life and Work of Thomas Bayes

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Andrew I. Dale
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Sources and Studies in the His

"Interesting and useful as all this will be for anyone interested in knowing more about Bayes, this is just part of the riches contained in this book . . . Beyond doubt this book is a work of the highest quality in terms of the scholarship it displays, and should be regarded as a must for every mathematical library." --MAA ONLINE
Thomas Bayes (1702 - 1761) was an English clergyman and mathematician. Until around 1950, he was considered a minor contributor to the
history of mathematics, and if he was known at all it was because his
name was attached to a simple theorem in the calculus of
probabilities. Since then, however, that theorem and the problem Bayes
was able to solve with it have become the basis for an important
branch of statistical methodology, the problem of inverse probability.
* Preface * Acknowledgments * Introduction * A Bayesian Genealogy * Thomas Bayes: A Life * Divine Benevolence * An Introduction to the Doctrine of Fluxions * On a Semi-convergent Series * The Essay on Chances * The Supplement to the Essay * Letters from John Ward * Miscellaneous Items * The Notebook * Memento Mori * Notes * Bibliography * Index

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