Web Data Management: A Warehouse Approach

Sourav S. Bhowmick
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239x184x29 mm
Springer Professional Computin

Existence of huge amounts of data on the Web has developed an
undeferring need to locate right information at right time, as well as
to integrating information effectively to provide a comprehensive
source of relevant information.
There is a need to develop efficient tools for analyzing and managing
Web data, and efficiently managing Web information from the database
perspective. The book proposes a data model called WHOM (Warehouse
Object Model) to represent HTML and XML documents in the warehouse. It
defines a set of web algebraic operators for building new web tables
by extracting relevant data from the Web, as well as generating new
tables from existing ones. These algebraic operators are used for
change detection.
A detailed presentation of Web data-management methods and models. The focus is on foundation concepts and a 'warehouse approach' that
utilizes a warehouse object model to represent HTML and XML documents.
Excellent survey of current principles for structured Web-based data
management. Database management systems developers and enterprise
website developers will find the book a useful exposition of new
concepts and application models.
* Introduction * Survey of Web data-management systems * Node and link objects * Predicate on node and link objects * Imposing constraints on hyperlink structure * Query mechanism for the Web * Schemas for warehouse data * WHOM-algebra * Applications of Web warehouses * Concluding remarks * Index

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