Inside Active Directory: A System Administrator's Guide

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Preface. About the Authors. Acknowledgments. I. BACKGROUND SKILLS. 1. Active Directory: The Big Picture. Introduction to Active Directory. Basic Building Blocks. Hierarchies. DNS Integration. Security and Policies. Architecture. Other Features. Conclusion. 2. Active Directory Installation. Domain and Forest Functional Levels. Installing Active Directory. After Active Directory Installation. Automating Active Directory Installation. Problems with Active Directory Installation. Uninstalling Active Directory. Conclusion. II. CORE SKILLS. 3. Managing OUs, Users, and Groups. Active Directory after Installation. Administering Ous. Administering Users, InetOrgPersons, and Contacts. Administering Computer Objects. Administering Groups. Tips on Tools. Conclusion. 4. Securing Active Directory. Introduction to Windows Security. Background for Active Directory Access Control. Managing Active Directory Permissions. Delegation of Control Wizard. Default Permissions for Objects. Usage Scenarios for Active Directory Permissions. Auditing Active Directory Access. Access Control Architecture. Domain Controller Access. User Rights. Conclusion. 5. Sites and Replication. Concepts of the Physical Structure. Managing the Physical Structure. Advanced Topics. Conclusion. 6. Domains and Forests. Domain Controller Placement. Designing Domains and Forests. Managing Domains and Forests. LDAP and Searches. Conclusion. 7. Group Policy. Group Policy Concepts. Group Policy Contents. Group Policy Objects and Links. Processing Group Policy. Managing Group Policies. Software Management with Group Policy. Troubleshooting Group Policy. Advanced Topics. Conclusion. III. ADVANCED SKILLS. 8. Active Directory Schema. Overview of the Active Directory Data Model. Schema. Classes. Attributes and Syntaxes. Conclusion. 9. Extending the Schema. When and Why to Modify. Planning the Modifications. The Modification Process. Bringing the Extensions to the User Interface. Extending the User Class. Conclusion. 10. Administration Scripts: Concepts. Getting Started. VBScript Language. ADSI Concepts. Additional Techniques. Conclusion. 11. Administration Scripts: Examples. ADSI Examples. User Management. Schema Access. Configuration Information. Access Control Lists. OU, Group, and Computer Management. ADSI without Active Directory. Additional Techniques. Using ADO. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.
Windows 2000 was a major change from its predecessor, Windows NT, and

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