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Cynthia Baron
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Foreword by Ralph Johnson. Foreword by Martin Fowler. Preface. What Is Refactorings To Patterns? What Are The Goals Of This Book? Who Is This Book For? What Background Do You Need? How To Use This Book. History of This Book. Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants. Acknowledgements. 1. Why I Wrote This Book. Over-Engineering. The Patterns Panacea. Under-Engineering. Test-Driven Development & Continuous Refactoring. Refactoring & Patterns. Evolutionary Design. 2. Refactoring. What Is Refactoring? What Motivates Us To Refactor? Many Eyes. Human Readable Code. Keeping It Clean. Small Steps. Design Debt. Refactoring To A New Architecture. Composite & Test-Driven Refactorings. Benefits of Composite Refactorings. Tools. 3. Patterns. What Is A Pattern? Patterns Happy. There Are Many Ways To Implement A Pattern. Refactoring To, Towards or Away From Patterns. Do Patterns Make Code More Complex? Pattern Knowledge. Upfront Design with Patterns. 4. Code Smells. Duplicated Code. Long Method. Conditional Complexity. Primitive Obsession. Indecent Exposure. Solution Sprawl. Alternative Classes with Different Interfaces. Lazy Class. Large Class. Switch Statements. Combinatorial Explosion. Oddball Solution. 5. A Catalog of Refactorings to Patterns. Format of the Refactorings. Projects Referenced In This Catalog. A Starting Point. A Study Sequence. 6. Creation. Replace Constructors with Creation Methods. Motivation. Mechanics. Example. Variations. Parameterized Creation Methods. Extract Factory. Move Creation Knowledge to Factory. Motivation. Mechanics. Example. Encapsulate Classes with Factory. Motivation. Mechanics. Example. Variations. Encapsulating Inner Classes. Introduce Polymorphic Creation with Factory Method. Motivation. Mechanics. Example. Encapsulate Composite with Builder. Motivation. Mechanics. Example. Improving A Builder. Variations. A Schema-Based Builder. Inline Singleton. Motivation. Mechanics. Example. 7. Simplification. Compose Method. Motivation. Mechanics. Example. Replace Conditional Logic with Strategy. Motivation. Mechanics. Example. Move Embellishment to Decorator. Motivation. Mechanics. Example. Replace State-Altering Conditionals with State. Motivation. Mechanics. Example. Replace Implicit Tree with Composite. Motivation. Mechanics. Example. Replace Conditional Dispatcher with Command. Motivation. Mechanics. Example. 8. Generalization. Form Template Method. Motivation. Mechanics.
After providing an introduction to digital cameras and an overview of how to use them, author Resnick gets to the heart of the volume: the situations in which you're likely to use a digital camera and the issues you need to be aware of.

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