Seeing Data: Designing User Interfaces for Database Systems Using .Net
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Seeing Data: Designing User Interfaces for Database Systems Using .Net

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Rebecca M. Riordan
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Addison-Wesley Microsoft Techn

Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. I. THE BASICS. 1. Interface Design. Terminology. The Principle of Interface Design. Graphic Design. 2. .NET Graphic Objects. GDI+ Primitives. Pens and Brushes. Using the Graphics Object. The ControlPaint Class. 3. Typography. The Architecture of Type. Families and Faces and Fonts (oh my). Using Fonts. Windows Fonts. 4. Color. Understanding Color. Using Color. Color Models. Color in the .NET Framework. 5. Images in the .NET Framework. Using Images. Images in the .NET Framework. 6. ADO .NET Data Binding. Binding Control Properties. Synchronized Binding. II. REPRESENTING ENTITIES. 7. Entity Types. The Entity-Relationship Model. Simple Entities. Complex Entities. Displaying Multiple Entities. 8. Simple Layouts. Window Basics. Primary Windows. Secondary Windows. 9. Complex Layouts. Complex Form Design. Panel Structures. Coordinated Structures. 10. Displaying Forms. Laying Out Forms. Anchoring and Docking Controls. Resizing Forms. Displaying Forms. III. REPRESENTING ATTRIBUTES. 11. Complex Attributes. Get it Right. Logical Values. Date and Time Values. Binary Objects. 12. Numbers and Text. Numeric and Monetary Values. Text Values. 13. List Controls. Using List Controls. ListBox and CheckedListBox Controls. The ComboBox Control. The DomainUpDown Control. TreeView. 14. Grid Controls. Using Grid Controls. The ListView Control. The DataGrid Control. IV. INTERACTING WITH THE USER. 15. Managing Data Display. Navigating through Data. Managing Data Entry. Managing Data Persistence. 16. Command Widgets. Button Widgets. Menus. Menu Conventions. Toolbars. 17. User Assistance. Types of User Assistance. Functional Principles. Providing Passive Assistance. Providing Reactive Assistance. Providing Proactive Assistance. 18. Database Integrity. Theoretical Foundations. Implementing Constraints and Rules. Validation Techniques. Using the ErrorProvider Control. 19. Sorting, Searching, and Filtering. Sorting. Searching. Filtering. 20. Reporting. Designing Reports. Managing Reports. Implementing Reports. V. BUILDING APPLICATIONS. 21. Interface Architectures. Architectural Paradigms. Implementation Architectures. 22. User Customization. Using Control Panel Settings. Implementing Customization. Persisting Application States. 23. Installation. Windows Conventions. Visual Studio Setup Projects. Glossary. Index.
Why do so many computer programs have such poorly designed user

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