Understanding SOA with Web Services

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Preface.Acknowledgments.About the Authors.Introduction. What's in the Book. Organization of the Book. Part I. Part II.1. Introduction to SOA with Web Services. The Service-Oriented Enterprise. Service-Oriented Development. Service Abstraction. Service-Oriented Architecture. What Are Services? What Is Service-Oriented Architecture? Challenges to Adoption. SOA and Web Services. Rapid Integration. Multi-Channel Access. Occasionally Connected Computing. Business Process Management. Extended Web Services Specifications. Standardization. Specification Composability. Metadata Management. Security. Reliability and Messaging. Transactions. Orchestration. Summary.I. SOA AND BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS.2. Overview of Service-Oriented Architecture. Service-Oriented Business and Government. Service-Oriented Architecture Concepts. SOA Processes, Principles, and Tools. Services. Line of Business Services. Reusable Technical Services. Service Contracts. Web Services Platform. Service Requesters and Service Providers. Approved Products, Technologies, and Facilities. Service Governance, Processes, Guidelines, Principles, Methods, and Tools. SOA Governance Policies and Processes. SOA Principles and Guidelines. Key Service Characteristics. Primary Characteristics. Secondary Characteristics. SOA Guidelines for Service Requesters. SOA Guidelines for Legacy Systems and Legacy Services. Technical Benefits of a Service-Oriented Architecture. Efficient Development. More Reuse. Simplified Maintenance. Incremental Adoption. Graceful Evolution. Service-Oriented Architecture-Business Benefits. Increased Business Agility. Better Business Alignment. Improved Customer Satisfaction. Reduced Vendor Lock-In and Reduced Switching Costs. Reduced Integration Costs. Improved ROI of Existing IT Assets. Summary.3. SOA and Web Services. The Web Services Platform. Elements of the Web Services Platform. Web Services Platform Principles. Service Contracts. Service Contract Elements. Documenting and Defining Service Contracts. Service Contract Principles. Service Contracts Focus on Service-Level Abstractions. WSDL and Service Contracts. WSDL Service Contract Architecture. Example WSDL Service Contract-Calendar Service. Service-Level Data Model. Relationship Between Service-Level Data Models and Internal Data Models. Reconciling Disparate Data Models Across Different Service Domains. Using XML-Related Technologies for the Service-Level Data Model and Data Handling. Service Discovery-Registration and Lookup. Service-Level Security. Service-Level Interaction Patterns. A Quick Look at SOAP and HTTP. Request/Response Interactions. Request/Callback Interaction Paradigm. Asynchronous Store-and-Forward Messaging. Example Business Scenario Using Request/Response and Asynchronous Messaging Publish/Subscribe Interaction Paradigm. Atomic Services and Composite Services. Generating Proxies and Skeletons from Service Contracts. Generating Java Classes from Service Contracts. Generating C# Classes
The single largest cost of information technology (IT) systems integration is labor. To reduce cost and improve efficiency, it's necessary to reduce complexity, which is the main motivation for the use of Service Oriented Architecture with Web services. Why SOAs and Web services? Consensus around the software industry is that customers are seeking cost-effective fixes for their integration issues en masse. SOAs and Web services facilitate that. This book describes the best approach to designing and developing a SOA based integration solution using Web services technologies, and describes how a SOA provides a foundation for addressing other IT requirements, such as multi-channel client access, application interoperability through one service calling another service, and business process management through service composition into flows.

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