Houses of Civil War America: The Homes of Robert E. Lee, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Clara Barton, and Others Who Shaped the Era

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Timed to coincide with the 150th anniversay of the Civil War and a fitting sequel to Houses of the Presidents, HOUSES OF CIVIL WAR AMERICA takes readers into the daily lives of the most important historical figures in the nation-defining conflict. From modest abolitionist homes to the plantations of the antebellum south. Howard and Straus bring the most intimate moments of the war to life. With insightful narrative and gorgeous photography, HOUSES OF CIVIL WAR AMERICA demonstrates - through these landmark homes - the nation we were and the nation we became.
Autor: Hugh Howard
Fotografien von: Roger Straus
Hugh Howard is the author of more than a dozen books on architecture, as well as "Mr. and Mrs. Madison's War." His writings have also appeared in "Smithsonian, New York Times, Washington Post, House Beautiful, Preservation, Early American Life, Traditional Homes, "and many other publications. He lives in East Chatham, New York, with his wife and two daughters. Roger Straus III's photography has been featured in eight books, including "America's Great Railroad Stations," "US I: America's Original Main Street," "Mississippi Currents," "Modernism Reborn," and "Wright for Wright." His work has also appeared in newspapers and magazines such as the "Washington Post" and "Architectural Digest."

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Autor: Hugh Howard
ISBN-13 :: 9780316227988
ISBN: 0316227986
Erscheinungsjahr: 04.11.2014
Gewicht: 1565g
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Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 279x262x25 mm
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