Helen & Troy's Epic Road Quest

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A humorous retelling of two mythic heroes' journey from the author of Chasing the Moon and Emperor Mollusk versus The Sinister Brain. Helen and Troy are two young people with the world ahead of them until fate sends them on a reluctant road trip across America.
Witness the epic battle of the cyclops! Visit the endangered dragon preserve! Please, no slaying. Solve the mystery of The Mystery Cottage, if you dare! Buy some knick knacks from The Fates! On a road trip across an enchanted America, Helen and Troy will discover all this and more. If the curse placed upon them by an ancient god doesn't kill them!. Helen and Troy might reach the end their journey in one piece, where they might just end up destroying the world. Or at least a state or two.
Autor: A. Lee Martinez
A. Lee Martinez was born in El Paso, Texas. At the age of eighteen, for no apparent reason, he started writing novels. Thirteen short years (and a little over a dozen manuscripts) later, his first novel, Gil's All Fright Diner, was published. His hobbies include juggling, games of all sorts, and astral projecting. Also, he likes to sing along with the radio when he's in the car by himself. For more information on the author, check out aleemartinez.com or follow him on twitter @aleemartinez.

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Autor: A. Lee Martinez
ISBN-13 :: 9780316226431
ISBN: 0316226432
Erscheinungsjahr: 16.07.2013
Verlag: ORBIT
Gewicht: 331g
Seiten: 353
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 208x136x30 mm
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