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The 1864 Franklin-Nashville Campaign

The Finishing Stroke
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Michael Thomas Smith
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This appealing narrative history of one of the Civil War's most pivotal campaigns analyzes how the western Confederate army under John B. Hood suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of George H. Thomas's Union forces.Ideal for general readers interested in military history of the Civil War as well as those concentrating on the western campaigns, The 1864 Franklin-Nashville Campaign: The Finishing Stroke examines how the strategic and tactical decisions by Confederate and Union commanders contributed to the smashing Northern victories in Tennessee in November-December 1864. The book also considers the conflict through the lens of New Military History, including the manner in which the battles both affected and were affected by civilian individuals, the environment, and common soldiers such as Confederate veteran Sam Watkins. The result of author Michael Thomas Smith's extensive research into the Civil War and his recognition of inadequate coverage of the final western campaigns in the existing literature, this work serves to rectify this oversight. The book also questions the concept of the outcome of the Civil War as being essentially attributable to superior Northern organization and management-the "organized war to victory" theory as termed by its proponents.
Illustrations and MapsSeries ForewordIntroduction1. Background to the Campaign2. The Spring Hill Affair3. The Battle of Franklin4. After Franklin5. The Battle of Nashville6. After NashvilleAppendix 1: Union Order of BattleAppendix 2: Confederate Order of BattleAppendix 3: Reports of Major General George H. ThomasAppendix 4: Reports of General John B. HoodNotesBibliographical EssayIndex

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