Police Psychology

A New Specialty and New Challenges for Men and Women in Blue
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David Thomas
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Go behind the scenes of police work with this unique book that opens the door to the psychological side of policing.Police Psychology: A New Specialty and New Challenges for Men and Women in Blue offers readers the opportunity to examine two different aspects of police psychology: psychology as it pertains to the personality of police officers and the application of psychology in police practices. The book takes readers inside the lives of real officers struggling with the daily quest to remain mentally healthy in the face of often-gruesome crime scenes. The actual experience of police work is illustrated through case studies and vignettes, and the text offers a template of best practices for those who practice police psychology.Other insights in this book reveal the practical side of policing, examining the use of psychology in hostage negotiation, interview and interrogation, threat assessment, and criminal profiling. Readers go behind the scenes to watch as police apply psychological principles in actual cases, and then are given the opportunity to match wits with a simulated foe themselves.
Samples of a victimology checklist, a crime scene behavior checklist, and an offender characteristic checklist
1 The History and Application of Police PsychologyA Brief History of Police PsychologyDefining Police Psychology2 The Police PersonalityWhy Would Anyone Want to Be a Police Officer?The Socialization ProcessThe Field-Training Officer (FTO) ProgramA Brief History of Bias in PolicingCamaraderie of the BadgeThe Police PersonalityThe Impact of Generational Differences3 Police Trauma, Critical Incidents, and StressorsPsychological Trauma and Critical IncidentsCase StudiesSense of Powerlessness4 Critical Incident Stress Management/Psychological ServicesThe Police PersonalityPsychotraumatologyPolice SuicideCritical Incident Stress ManagementThe Role of EAPs in PolicingThe Role of Police PsychologyAgency ResponsibilityAgency Best Practices5 Hostage NegotiationA Brief History of Hostage NegotiationsTeam Member Selection and StructureTeam DiversityNegotiator Skill SetsThe Importance of TrainingThe Psychology of Hostage NegotiationThe Psychology of Hostage Takers6 Interview and InterrogationInterview versus InterrogationThe Miranda DecisionThe Investigative InterviewThe Psychology of InterviewingFalse ConfessionsEyewitness Testimony7 The Psychology of Threat AssessmentTargeted ViolenceMotivationsTerrorismStalkingSchool ShootingsThreat Assessment8 The Psychology of ProfilingWhat Is Criminal Profiling?Understanding the Criminal MindMotivationsCase StudiesCrime Scene BehaviorConstructing a Profile9 ConclusionA New Specialty/Defining ServicesThe Application of Psychology to PolicingThe FutureAppendix A: Triple Homicide InterviewAppendix B: Criminal Profile of the MackIndexAbout the Author

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