Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design

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Allene Phy Olsen
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This work of historical exploration examines America's conflicts as it has attempted to maintain its founding principles of freedom of thought and separation of church and state, while nevertheless remaining the most traditionally religious of modern nations.Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design offers a comprehensive, unbiased history of this controversial issue, as well as a balanced presentation of the arguments central to a debate that remains one of the most divisive in American society. Centered around the importance of the issue to education in both the sciences and humanities, the book's chief concern is the relevance of the debate to America's public schools.Beginning with an overview of the topic and its history, the book goes on to investigate Darwinism and the neo-Darwinian revolution as well as the applications of Darwinian theories in the social Darwinism and eugenics movements. It looks at theistic approaches to evolution; at arguments for and critiques of intelligent design; at religion, science, and the American courts; and at religion and science in the postmodern world. The two concluding sections, of special relevance to students are annotated listings of important personalities in the science-religion debate and an annotated bibliography.
A fully annotated bibliography listing the most valuable and readily available resources for students researching the topic
Introduction1 Science and Religion: A Brief Historical Overview2 Charles Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution3 Social Darwinism and Eugenics4 Theistic Evolutionists5 Arguments for Creationism and Intelligent Design6 Responses to Intelligent Design7 Religion and the Courts8 Public Schools and Religion9 Science and Religion, Now and in the FutureAppendix: Personalities of the Evolution-Creation DebateSelected Annotated BibliographyIndex

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