Recharge Your Team

The Grounded Visioning Approach
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Jay Vogt
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As most managers know, you need a vision to motivate employees to achieve goals. But people, and companies, lose focus, and the future appears hazy. People say, We're getting stale, or, I just don't know where we're headed. Leaders know they need a vision to bring people together. And they know a good vision will renew enthusiasm and commitment. But waiting for inspiration rarely works-sometimes you need a vision now. But how? Recharge Your Team not only shows managers how to create an effective vision-it shows how to do it in as little as four hours, using a time-tested, proven approach.Traditionally, companies call in consultants to help create a vision. Experts can help-for $4,000 per day plus expenses. And then there's the time involved: Visioning efforts can take months. This book offers a less-expensive, faster method. Called Grounded Visioning, and based on a concept called appreciative inquiry, the process allows groups to come up with a revitalizing vision that everyone buys into in half a day or less. How? As this book shows, the key is to be sure everyone takes part, to base the vision on how the team acts when at its best, and to imagine a vision bold enough to inspire but practical enough to feel achievable. This book covers the six quick but essential steps that ensure such results-with small teams or large groups. And any manager, not just trainers or HR people, can lead a successful Grounded Visioning session. Grounded visioning is a breakthrough concept of breathtaking simplicity and power that any leader can put to use today. It works, because it frees employees to share their dreams, hopes, and aspirations. As they soar, a vision naturally arises that recharges the team.
A consultant shows managers how to come up with a valuable vision for a company, division, or department-in less than one day.
PrefaceAcknowledgments1 Vision: The Foundation for SuccessA team that has a shared vision has a reason to come to work every day.2 Six Steps to Your Organizations VisionFocus on whats good about your team to create an achievable vision.3 Why Grounded Visioning WorksUse a simple planning method that everyone can understand.4 Get Set for a Grounded Visioning SessionPlanning happens at the Grounded Visioning sessionnot before.5 Get Set: Large Groups Need a Planning CommitteeEven very large groups can work collaboratively and transparently.6 Step-by-Step: Grounded Visioning for Smaller GroupsSpecific instructions and stated time limits help groups quickly create a vision.7 Case Studies: Grounded Visioning for Small GroupsThe whole group works together, assisted by one facilitator.8 Step by Step: Grounded Visioning for Large GroupsWith larger groups, participants take on some of the facilitators tasks.9 Case Studies: Grounded Visioning for Large GroupsFor some activities, the group subdivides and works in parallel.10 Vision into ActionEven before you create the vision, create the template to follow through.11 Case Studies: Vision into ActionThe more specific the metrics and plan, the more successful the innovation.12 The Power of the PositiveWhen groups focus on the positive, they see the potential for a better future.13 The Genius of the GroupBetter decisions come from involving all stakeholders.14 The Spark of SightPeople can handle lots of information when they think with both words and pictures.15 Case Studies: Business PlanningGrounded Visioning is a way to gain market knowledge and tap employee insights.16 Case Studies: Nonprofit PlanningGrounded Visioning engages the passion and commitment of volunteers.17 Case Studies: Community PlanningWhen groups are large, diverse and unwieldy, Grounded Visioning creates focus.18 Organizations as Living ThingsLeaders who invite participation create visions that live.AppendixFollow-up and Evaluation

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