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Asia and Oceania
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Clinton Fernandes
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The regions of Asia and Oceania, with their many diverse peoples, massive size, and vast cultural history, have birthed some of the most critical conflicts of the modern era. From border disputes to current nuclear threats to regions still shattered by the effects of past wars, this volatile region is a key player on the world stage of global conflict. This exciting volume provides up-to-the minute coverage of the most critical situations and explosive events in the region, including internal strife in Indonesia, insurgency in southern Thailand, nuclear issues in India and Pakistan, the Tibetan revolt, the Spratly Islands dispute, and terrorist organizations such as Abu Sayeff. The conflicts are explored against the backdrop of major conflicts like the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and the Cold War. Maps, a timeline, an index, and an annotated bibliography supplement the chapters for a greater understanding of the material. With ties to several curricular areas, including Asian studies, political science, global studies, military history, international relations, regional history and politics, this is an essential source for students of world history and global conflict.
From border disputes to nuclear threats, this exciting volume explores the most explosive conflicts in the regions surrounding Asia and Oceania.
PrefaceAcknowledgmentsIntroductionTimelineAbbreviationsChapter 1 China and East Asia Sally BurtChapter 2 East Timor Clinton FernandesChapter 3 Fiji Jon FraenkelChapter 4 India-China Border Dispute Manjeet S. PardesiChapter 5 Indonesia Damien Kingsbury and Clinton FernandesChapter 6 Kashmir Conflict Nicolas BlarelChapter 7 Korea Stewart LoneChapter 8 Myanmar (Burma) Sally BurtChapter 9 PhillippinesChapter 10 Solomon Islands Sinclair DinnenChapter 11 Sri Lanka Damien KingsburyChapter 12 Thailand Carlyle A. ThayerGlossaryBibliographyAbout the Editor and Contributors

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