The Tainted Gift

The Disease Method of Frontier Expansion
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Barbara Mann
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For the first time, an accomplished scholar offers a painstakingly researched examination of the United States' involvement in deliberate disease spreading among native peoples in the military conquest of the West.The speculation that the United States did infect Indian populations has long been a source of both outrage and skepticism. Now there is an exhaustively researched exploration of an issue that continues to haunt U.S.-Native American relations.Barbara Alice Mann's The Tainted Gift: The Disease Method of Frontier Expansion offers riveting accounts of four specific incidents: The 1763 smallpox epidemic among native peoples in Ohio during the French and Indian War; the cholera epidemic during the 1832 Choctaw removal; the 1837 outbreak of smallpox among the high plains peoples; and the alleged 1847 poisonings of the Cayuses in Oregon. Drawing on previously unavailable sources, Mann's work is the first to give one of the most controversial questions in U.S. history the rigorous scrutiny it requires.
An extraordinary collection of primary and oral sources, including much that has only recently become available, that helps provide a clearer picture of the Federal campaigns for control of Western territories
Foreword by Series Editor Bruce JohansenIntroduction1. "Out of Our Special Regard for Them": The 1763 Gift of Smallpox2. "The Land of Death": The Choctaw Removal into Cholera, 18323. "Death Put into Her Arm": Smallpox on the Upper Missouri, 18374. "How Many Times Are You Going to Talk?": The Accusationof Poisoning against Marcus WhitmanNotesBibliographyIndex

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