Stability, Security, Reconstruction, and Transition Operations

A Guide to the Issues
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Cynthia Watson
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This book examines how the United States's extensive nation-building and stability operations will continue to evolve in the 21st century in the face of ever-growing budgetary concerns and constraints.Stability, Security, Reconstruction, and Transition Operations: A Guide to the Issues puts the people, places, and events crucial to nation-building and security operations through U.S. experiences under the microscope.This book focuses on the period after the Cold War, when U.S. operations proliferated, but also outlines the development of U.S. strategic decisions on nation-building and stability operations in a chronological fashion, providing documentation of these actions throughout American history. Original documents are provided and referenced to clarify concepts. With the increased attention on recent events in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Libya, the United States's actions and policies of nation-building are now a key public policy discussion topic, and an understanding of these topics is critical for students, scholars, and general readers alike.
Glossary of key terms
PrefaceAbbreviations1 Definitions of Stability, Security, Reconstruction, and Transition Operations: Past and Present2 Operations in the Past: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Interpretations of Security, Stability, Reconstruction, and Transition OperationsCRS Report on Use of U.S. Forces Abroad, 1798-1993Date: October 7, 1993Jefferson's Secret Message Regarding the Lewis & Clark ExpeditionDate: January 18, 1803The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe DoctrineDate: December 5, 1905Commencement Speech Introducing the Marshall PlanDate: June 5, 1947Address at a White House Reception for Members of Congress and for the Diplomatic Corps of the Latin American RepublicsDate: March 13, 1961Executive Order 10973Date: November 3, 19613 The New World OrderAn Agenda for Peace, Preventative Diplomacy, Peacemaking and Peace-keepingDate: June 17, 1992Article by Colin Powell, "Why Generals Get Nervous"Date: October 8, 1992National Security Directive 74Date: November 24, 1992Address to the Nation on the Situation in SomaliaDate: December 4, 19924 The Clinton Administration and Stability Operations, 1993-2001Presidential Review Document 13: Multilateral Peacekeeping Operations (declassified)Date: February 15, 1993Remarks on Welcoming Military Personnel Returning from SomaliaDate: May 5, 1993President Clinton Addresses Nation on SomaliaDate: October 7, 1993Presidential Decision Directive 25 (PDD 25)Date: May 7, 1994Address to the Nation on Implementation of the Peace Agreement for Bosnia-HerzegovinaDate: November 27, 1995Presidential Decision Directive 56 (PDD 56): Managing Complex Contingency Operations, Signed by William Jefferson ClintonDate: May 1997Remarks to Genocide Survivors in Kigali, RwandaDate: March 25, 1998Remarks Announcing Airstrikes Against Serbian Targets in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)Date: March 24, 1999Essay "A Just and Necessary War" by Bill ClintonDate: May 23, 1999Address to the People of ColombiaDate: August 24, 20005 Pre and Post 9/11: The Bush AdministrationExcerpts from October 3, 2000 Presidential DebateDate: October 3, 2000Address Before a Joint Session of Congress on the United States Response to the Terrorist Attacks of September 11Date: September 20, 2001Following a Cabinet Meeting and an Exchange with ReportersDate: November 19, 2001President Bush Addresses Virginia Military AcademyDate: April 17, 2002President Bush's Remarks to the United NationsDate: September 12, 2002National Security Strategy 2002Date: September 17, 2002Dispute between Army Chief of Staff General Eric Shinseki and Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Paul Wolfowitz over Post-invasion Troop StrengthDate: February 25-27, 2003Transcript of Remarks by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard B. Myers, USAFDate: April 11, 2003A Unified Mission for Post-hostilities IraqDate: April 2003Address to the Nation on Iraq from USS Abraham LincolnDate: May 1, 2003President George W. Bush Second Inaugural AddressDate: January 20, 2005Department of Defense Directive 3000.05Date: November 28, 2005National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD-44Date: December 7, 2005The National Security Strategy March 2006Date: March 16, 2006Iraq Study Group ReportDate: December 2006Speech by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on Funding for All Aspects of National PowerDate: November 26, 2007U.S. Assistance to ColombiaDate: 20086 Now What? The Obama AdministrationSecretary of Defense Robert M. Gates National Defense University's Distinguished Lecture ProgramDate: September 29, 2008Secretary Gates' Follow on Questions and Answers at National Defense UniversityDate: September 29, 2008Army Field Manual 3-Stability OperationsDate: October 2008Remarks by the President in Address to the Nation on the Way Forward in Afghanistan and PakistanDate: December 1, 2009Department of Defense Instruction 3000.05: Stability OperationsDate: September 16, 2009United Nations Security Council Resolution #1973 (S/Res/1973): The Situation in LibyaDate: March 17, 2011Remarks by the President on the Way Ahead in AfghanistanDate: June 22, 20117 ConclusionsResourcesIndex

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