Consistently Opposing Killing

From Abortion to Assisted Suicide, the Death Penalty, and War
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Rachel Macnair
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Millions of people claim to be "pro-lifers," opposing such socially-sanctioned killing as abortion and euthanasia, yet they support - or at least do not oppose - the death penalty, unjust war and other forms of what might flatly be called murder. This work explains a view dubbed the Consistent Life Ethic.
"The societal wounds of racism, poverty, and a penchant for using violence to address problems are intimately connected to the death penalty, to war, to the killing of the old and demented, and to the killing of children, unborn and born. If more people were familiar with the consistent life ethic, as expounded in this book, then the voice of all unseen vulnerable people would be better heard." -- Sister Helen Prejean, Author of Dead Man Walking "The authors consistently and rationally support the position of opposition to murder in a society where wrong may seem right, to the detriment of life, liberty and justice for all. This is a recommended read for serious thinkers and for all seeking truth." -- Dr. Alveda King, Founder, King for America, Director of African American Outreach for Gospel of Life, and niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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