Pope Benedict XVI

A Biography
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Pope Benedict XVI: A Biography is an incisive exploration of the life and career of the current head of the Roman Catholic Church, with an emphasis on his theological positions and contributions as a theologian. Written by a Catholic priest who is an expert on Bavarian theology, the book looks at Benedict's family life, his teen years in Nazi Germany, his rise in the Church, and the beliefs that shape his Papacy. Readers of this biography will learn that, in addition to his native German, Benedict XVI speaks Italian, French, English, Spanish, and Latin fluently, has a knowledge of Portuguese, and can read ancient Greek and biblical Hebrew. They will discover that he plays the piano and is very fond of cats. Perhaps surprisingly, they will find that during the time of the Second Vatican Council, the Pope was viewed as a reformer, and that he continues to regard himself as a supporter of the Council's teaching, holding, however, that those teachings have been widely misinterpreted. All this and more make for a fascinating-and instructive-reading experience.
Born in Bavaria, Germany, Joseph Alois Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI in April 2005. At age 78, he was the oldest man to be elected pope since Clement XII in 1730 and just the eighth German pope, the last being Stephen IX who assumed the office almost 1,000 years ago in 1057. What distinguishes this eminent theologian and his leadership of the Catholic Church?

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