Toys and American Culture

An Encyclopedia
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Tracing developments in toy making and marketing across the evolving landscape of the 20th century, this encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference guide to America's most popular playthings and the culture to which they belong.From the origins of favorite playthings to their associations with events and activities, the study of a nation's toys reveals the hopes, goals, values, and priorities of its people. Toys have influenced the science, art, and religion of the United States, and have contributed to the development of business, politics, and medicine. Toys and American Culture: An Encyclopedia documents America's shifting cultural values as they are embedded within and transmitted by the nation's favorite playthings.Alphabetically arranged entries trace developments in toy making and toy marketing across the evolving landscape of 20th-century America. In addition to discussing the history of America's most influential toys, the book contains specific entries on the individuals, organizations, companies, and publications that gave shape to America's culture of play from 1900 to 2000. Toys from the two decades that frame the 20th century are also included, as bridges to the fascinating past-and the inspiring future-of American toys.
John Lloyd Wright invented Lincoln Logs in 1916 while assisting his architect father, Frank Lloyd Wright, on the construction of the Imperial Hotel in Japan. Barbie is based on a German doll named Bild Lilli marketed to bachelors in German cigar stores and sex shops. She has been the best selling American doll since her introduction in 1959. What does the background of these toys mean? How does it relate to their significance in popular culture?
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