Coping with Vision Loss

Understanding the Psychological, Social, and Spiritual Effects
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Cheri Langdell
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This book explains in detail what it is like to be losing sight, legally blind, or fully blind, and also documents why today's exciting technological advances and medical solutions are lifting limitations for the visually impaired.Dr. Cheri Langdell, a professor of English, and Dr. Tim Langdell, a clinical psychologist and digital media expert, take us through personal, psychological, sociological, and cultural perspectives on blindness, and-perhaps surprisingly-show us some of the benefits nearly blind and blind people have found after vision loss. These benefits include what some describe as heightening of the other senses, deepening spiritual sight, and stronger insights into the human condition.Through literature, media, and cinema across the ages, the authors focus attention on how the masses worldwide who are sighted view, and treat, the blind and legally blind. Coping with Vision Loss: Understanding the Psychological, Social, and Spiritual Effects also includes non-fiction written about and by the blind that gives great insight into their condition. The text explains what the visually impaired and blind can do to stay strong and live their lives to the fullest, as well as what family members and friends can do to help when needed, or to back off when one wants to be as independent as possible. Technological advances to assist the blind and legally blind are reviewed, as are websites for a host of organizations created to assist people with vision loss.
An appendix contains a useful list of online resources for the blind, including links to products, services, and communities
Acknowledgments1 Introduction2 A Brief History of Blindness in World Literature3 Original Fiction by the Blind4 The Blind Writing about Blindness5 The Spiritual Dimensions of Blindness6 Current Insights into Visual Impairment and Vision Loss or Change7 ConclusionAppendix: List of Useful Links and ResourcesWorks Cited and ConsultedIndex

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